I love u two; I love u more are some of the common words to express love. But this year a totally new phase takes this place 'i love you 3000' .These words have made a separate fan base this year. Yes I am talking about our favorite character tony stark- The iron man. When he said these words to his daughter in infinity war it was an awwww moment.

When the iron man died in avenger’s end game it made our eyes wet. Everyone felt sad and it's hard to digest that we are not going to see our iron man again.

Robert Downey jr. Played this character for so long. In 2008, when Iron man first released in theatre, we watched a billionaire playboy who was arrogant, sarcastic person as tony stark.The character when once made by stan lee was supposed to be the one whom everybody will hate. But the character won hert of not just children but of all age segments.

But why people feel a connection with tony stark and loved him so much. Let’s have a look at some of his unique qualities which make him different from other superheroes –

  1. His personality was perfect and another reason why people loved tony stark so much. His sarcastic nature made this character more entertaining especially when he bickers with the other avengers.

  2. Unlike other super heroes, he had no super-powers. While Stan Lee’s famous quote says, “With power comes great responsibility,” what iron man say is, “With no power, comes even more responsibility.” Because he had no powers but he had so many responsibilities. He had the responsibility to save so many lives and even his own life when he gets trapped by the terrorists.

  3. How can an arrogant and billionaire playboy be intelligent? But tony stark was. That made his character even more popular. He made his armor suit alone and all other weapons using his science technology and knowledge. He was a great scientist and was most intelligent among all the avengers.

  4. While each of the Avengers has a slight sense of humor, Iron Man is by far one of the funniest of the bunch. His dry sense of humor makes him lovable by fans near and far, even if his teammates don’t appreciate his jokes nearly as much as viewers do

  5. His love for spider man shows how loving and caring he was. He didn’t think twice when he remembered peter’s death. Even though he never took a girl seriously but when pepper potts and his daughter came into his life. He loved them unconditionally. He even didn’t want to go with avengers because he wanted to protect his family.

  6. Ultimately, the main reason why people love Iron Man is that he is unstoppable.He has incredible will to defeat anyone who stands on his way the only thing he want for this is his team by his side . He never cares for his life when it came to save the world.

We still remember the last scene of iron man 1 when tony stark said 'I am iron man'. yes you are iron man and We love you 3000 iron man.