Whats Wrong With Spiderman Far From Home

Sep 22, 2019   •  10 views

Spiderman far from home is the highest grossing film of all of Spiderman franchises and with no doubt everyone’s favorite like the Spiderman 2 of the original trilogy. This movie shows us how the events of endgame impacts the life of our Spiderman - Peter, him without his mentor – Tony Stark.

Far From Home comes out as an easy light fun movie. It is so focused to be this comedy that it does not explore its own self, what it wants to be.

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As from the very first few minutes of the film we are shown our favorite heroes in stock images and I will always love you in the background , showing us how everything has become a joke. That is how we cope with sadness- Memes. That made me feel that endgame didn’t matter at all in this universe. Its all a joke. It felt like my tears at the end of endgame were useless. Well at least what that video conveyed that Steve Roger is dead too, because he was in the video too with all the dead avengers.

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Next thing we know Peter has a crush on MJ ,literally out of nowhere . I know that we all were expected to know this but its MJ we are talking about and we all know how she is , she the love of Spiderman’s life. The story of them being together was never introduced to us. Instead of building this love over the course of a few movies , they rushed it all. In between homecoming we see MJ teases Peter because she liked him but Peter never really paid attention to it. I agree that they are cute and its awkward and Tom and Zendaya have some great chemistry but it still doesn’t fulfill the great love story it was meant to be. The whole love triangle thing between them seemed so unnecessary to me.

All the other characters like Ned, Flash and Betty who play such an important core in the development of Spiderman as a character are used as goofs throughout the whole movie instead of being the part of Spiderman’s journey of becoming a hero .

Let’s talk about Mysterio. Now we all knew that he was going to be the bad guy , anyone who has read the comics knows that at some point Mysterio was going to go bad. I love me some Jake Gyllenhaal and him and tom had great chemistry too but how do you expect me to be invested in this duo which just had only 5 minutes to develop. And also how can peter give away something from Tony which meant the world to him and which also can control the world to someone he just met 2 days ago. It didn’t seem right.

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All of Spiderman enemies have been because of Tony Stark, He never really got to become his own hero. There was no personal thing at stake. Spiderman is everyone’s favorite because everyone could relate to him. Relate to his problems and his mistakes. We see him having everything, supportive friends and family , amazing suit and technology. He doesn’t have to struggle for anything but he still manages to make a stupid mistake.

Spiderman was introduced as this fun character in civil war and he becomes a shadow of these more powerful and charismatic heroes and fails to become his own hero. During the whole movie, he is told to be the next iron man ,then he is told to be the next spiderman and when he finally tries to become his own Spiderman by making his own suit ,they blast AC-DC behind the whole sequence. So in the climax when Peter is in his own creation it doesn’t seems so satisfying.

In the end I just want Spiderman to be Spiderman and not some next super dead hero but himself. I love spiderman and he has always been my favorite and I hope they do justice to his characters and his story.