I just checked today's temperature and you don't believe it's 50 degree. Omg 50 degree a thought suddenly strike onmy mind that the waytemperature is rising one day we will start boiling and will evaporate. Lol .

But we are not dying we have to live whatever will be the temperature. But how to live and what to eat ..let's take a look

Some of these good foods can help u to live cool in this sizzling summer -


As our body loss too much water in summers in the form of sweating. Our body's need for water increases. And we don't prefer to eachmuch. So constipation in this season is common. Cucumber is a good option to deal with constipation because it has a good water Content.


Seasonal fruit. Have plenty of water(91.25%), loaded with anti oxidant properties which give you a good cooling effect. What else do you need in this hot weather?


Good food, good life. Curd is one of the best natural probiotic to protect the natural gut microbiota. Plus it is cool and can be taken in mny forms. If you are a sweet lover drink it as lassi ,like salty more made its raita. It has the best cooling effect.

Green leafy vegetables

It contain maximum number of vitamins and minerals which are required by our body to do various physiological functions. It also has good water content but over cooking of these vegetables may lead to loss of water content so avoid that.


Many of us don't even know that onions also have cooling effect and eating them as salad is good in summers.

Red onions have quercetin which is a natural anti allergent. Hence these onions protect us from sun strokes and keep us cool.

Lime water

Many of us don't even know the fact that drinking normal water just after spending too much time in sunny area is hazardous as the water-ion balance get imbalanced.When we sweat too much we loss both water and ions and to recover that our body want both water and ion in equal ratio. In such case if we drink only too much of water it can create imbalance and can cause various disease. So it is always advisable to drink lime water as it helps in maintaining the water ion balance on our body.

Coconut Water

This 'not so expensive' drink is best for us to fight against this hot weather

As it provides instant cooling and also provides essential vitamins and minerals and other nutrients to the body.

And please avoid spicy and street food for sometime if you don't want to upset your stomach.

Enjoy the summer! Haha