Isn’t ironic that we know that we are surrounded by water for like 70% and for that matter we know that 2.5% of freshwater is available and more depressingly only 1% is accessible. While the amount of freshwater on the planet has remained fairly constant over time—continually recycled through the atmosphere and back into our cups—the population has exploded. This means that every year competition for a clean, copious supply of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sustaining life intensifies.

Can you imagine the contrasting situation in some cities in India itself? States like Assam and Odisha have been flooded this year and on the other hand cities like New Delhi and Chennai are suffering with lack extinction of water. We need to realise the importance of water and conserve it too.

Below are some of the main reasons it is important to conserve water:

  • The body can’t survive without fresh water: It is not surprising that every human needs water to survive. If you don’t drink water even for a day or two, then you can face the problem of dehydration. Any human being will suffer fatal consequences if there is no water available.

  • It minimizes the effects of drought and water shortages: Even though our need for fresh water sources is always increasing because of population and industry growth, the supply we have stays constant. Even though water eventually returns to Earth through the water cycle, it's not always returned to the same spot, or in the same quantity and quality. By reducing the amount of water we use, we can better protect against future drought years.

  • ·It guards against rising costs and political conflict:Failing to conserve water can eventually lead to a lack of an adequate water supply, which can have drastic consequences. These include rising costs, reduced food supplies, health hazards, and political conflict.

  • It helps to preserve our environment:Reducing our water usages reduces the energy required to process and deliver it to homes, businesses, farms, and communities, which, in turn, helps to reduce pollution and conserve fuel resources.To maintain a healthy ecosystem and balance in nature, the water is important. It is important to save water to save the earth.

  • It makes water available for recreational purposes:It's not just swimming pools, spas, and golf courses that we have to think about. Much of our freshwater resources are also used for beautifying our surroundings—watering lawns, trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens, as well as washing cars and filling public fountains at parks. Failing to conserve water now can mean losing out on such uses later on.

  • It builds safe and beautiful communities:Fire fighters, hospitals, gas stations, street cleaners, health clubs, gyms, and restaurantsall require large amounts of water to provide services to the community. Reducing our usage of water now means that these services can continue to be provided.

  • Hygiene: To live a healthy life, healthy hygiene is a must. Without water you can’t imagine even the basic things like bathing, brushing your teeth etc. If you don’t keep yourself clean, then chances are you will fall prey to some disease.

The water is the sole essence of life on the earth. Water can be used in various ways and methods.However, some people like to simply waste the water a lot, whereas some people don’t have enough water for the survival itself. The water is limited in amount, especially the fresh water. If we continue to live a life with no regard for the water then it can lead to a very difficult future. That is why it is important to know and understand as to why we should save water. Water conservation requires forethought and effort, but every little bit helps. Don't think that what you do does not matter. We can all make changes in our lifestyles to reduce our water usage. The trick is making water conservation a way of life—not just something we think about once in a while. If want to live a long life save water because without it survival isn't possible.



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