Making Water A Five Times Affair

Monali Pattanaik
Jul 24, 2019   •  2 views

Water is life, isn't it?

This is the truest statement ever made on earth. Water is the most important thing on the earth without which no one can survive on earth.

Our body mostly consists of water, approximately 70% is water and rest forms the body. We cannot live without water. Water is used for various purposes in our life be it cooking or cleaning.

But water should necessarily be consumed these five times-

1. In the morning-

As soon as you get up, consume a glass of water on an empty stomach. This cures all stomach ailments and reduces acidity. You can just have a glass of warm water with few lemon drops to clean the body toxins.

2. Before bath-

We should drink a glass of water 15 minutes before taking a bath. This reduces hypertension or high blood pressure. Blood flow is maintained and it doesn't fluctuate while taking a bath when you drink water before bath. This is good, especially for elderly people.

3. Before lunch-

We should not consume a lot of water while taking food as it reduces the digestion process and decreases the metabolism of the body.

Just drink a glass of room temperature water 30 minutes before lunchtime. This will also help us to eat the food in the required quantity.

4. Before dinner-

Just like lunchtime, consume a glass of water 30 minutes before dinner. This will ease digestion and helps to avoid overeating.

5. Just before sleep-

Drinking a glass of warm water before sleep reduces the risk of heart attack and indigestion. The body temperature and blood flow are maintained during sleep due to hydration in the body.

Water is precious and need not be wasted. It takes I'm a lot of time by nature to purify water and ve available as groundwater.

Only 1% of the water on earth is drinking water.

Water should not be wasted in any condition and conservation is a must. We should take that amount of water in a glass that we want to drink, as most of us usually drink only a few sips and throw the rest.

"Drinking water is a luxury."

Many people in the world are deprived of clean and fresh water as its scarce. Those who have it should use it judiciously and conserve it.

Some tips for those who can't consume much water-

  • Infuse your water with some cucumber, mint and lemon slices to flavour it naturally and drink it, you will feel refreshed.

  • Consume green tea or juice to increase water consumption.

  • Take sips of water every half an hour to stay hydrated throughout for those who cannot drink water in the required quantity.

  • Take note of how much water you drink and see that you drink it at regular intervals.

  • If you stay in air conditioning for long hours, you may not feel thirsty. But the body gets dehydrated and needs water.

  • For winters, consume it as soups to increase the water intake.

Ideally, 6-8 glasses of water is enough for the body. But this also depends upon several other factors, like people consuming high power medicines or medicines for chronic ailments such diabetes should drink relative more water to remove the medicine waste toxins out of the body.

Water is precious and scarce think twice before wasting.