How To Keep Pregnant Women Safe During Covid-19?

Jun 22, 2020   •  6 views
  • Adopt Ayurveda and stay safe from Corona

  • Warm Brews can be harmful for pregnant women

  • Try these Ayurvedic Ways and keep yourself and your child protected


    New Delhi: In today’s era, the whole nation is fighting with the novel corona virus. Children, senior citizens, men, women all are making efforts to boost their immunity in different ways. If someone is eating fruits, on the other hand someone is trying to boost their immunity through morning walk. Most of the doctors advised to take desi decoctions made of turmeric, ginger, dry ginger, peepli, black pepper, etc. but in the case of pregnant women, these decoctions are very harmful for them because their effect is very hot. Today, we are going to discuss some natural home remedies with Dr. Chanchal Sharma, Aasha Ayurveda, New Delhi, through which a pregnant woman can build up a strong immunity so that she can protect herself and her baby too: 

    1. Wake up in Brahma Mahurta: First and foremost is to change your lifestyle, you should get up in Brahma Mahurta which means to wake up early at 4 am, if you can’t get up so early, then we will suggest you to get up till 6 am.

    2. Pranayama: By doing pranayama, our respiratory organs (lungs) stay fit, so you should do yogasan such as pranayama, anulom vilom, and vascular purification on regular basis.

    3. Nasyam: Nasyam means to pour medicine in your nose, you should to pour only 2 drops of desi ghee or mustard oil in your nose daily.

    4. Gargle with hot water: Put a pinch of rock salt in hot water and gargle with it, repeat this process twice or thrice a day, you should also take bath with hot water because hot water will sanitize your body well.

    5. Sun Bath: If you wake up at 6 in the morning, then sit in light sun rays for 10-15 minutes so that you cure the deficiency of vitamin D.

    6. Have milk and seasonal fruits in your meal: Make sure to take a glass of milk in the meal and have seasonal fruits like watermelon, melon, litchi, etc. to fulfill the deficiency of vitamin C in your body. Avoid intake of non-seasonal fruits.

    7. Must take buttermilk: Mix equal quantity of curd and water and stir it well and add salt or a pinch of black pepper to it.

    8. Eat less than hunger: Eat less food than your hunger and do not eat again until the first meal had digested properly.

    9. Hot or Lukewarm water: Drink hot water or lukewarm water throughout the day instead of having cold things from the fridge!

    10. Gooseberry jam: Gooseberry enhances our immune system, so eat raw gooseberry or gooseberry jam everyday in the morning.

    11.  Belgiri Juice: Drink a glass of Belgiri juice daily if available.

    12.  Asparagus Powder: At night, take asparagus powder with milk.

    If you are observing any symptoms, then you should take Gilovati and Sanshamni, and in case you observe more symptoms like cold, cough & fever, etc, contact your nearest Ayurvedic doctor.