Winter is here. It's one of my favourite Seasons because it brings varieties of fruits and vegetables to eat. Not only that we make unhealthy sweets in this season but it's the season which most preferred for the health related activities. One such activity is eating healthy. So today, Veg Bhookkad is here with a list of the 3 things to be eaten in winter along with its benefits.




Amla which is called to an Indian Gooseberry. People call it a Super Fruit not just because it is trch with nutritional elements but also because it is very cheap in comparison to other super fruits available in the market. Amla is considered so good for our health that people say, “An Amla a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”. Let's read some of its benefits.

  • Itss has Vitamin C that boosts the metabolism and also protects us from viral and bacterial attacks including cold & cough.

  • It also contains polyphenol that is known to fight against cancer cells.

  • According to Ayurveda, amla can help in balancing the three doshas-Kapha, Vata & Pitta.

  • The carotene in Amla is studied as a vision improver.

  • Moreover, its protein content prevents cravings which means less food, hence, less fats.

  • It is also good for our scalp because it increases blood circulation and also prevents the dandruff so it's good for our hair. Besides it also acts as a conditioner.

  • Amla can be eaten directly or can be soaked in lemon and salt. It can also be consumed in the form of juice or can be eaten as a sweet-bitter pickle mixed with jaggery.


    Source: Planet Organic


Ginger is something which is most commonly consumed in India specially in Tea as well as curries and other regular dishes. However, many of us don't know about its medicinal properties. It is definitely spicy in taste but this spiciness is responsible for a healthy throat. Taking 1 Teaspoon of Ginger Powder with 1 Teaspoon of Honey can cure your throat in 5 minutes. Hence, it is very important to read its benefits.

  • Ginger which is known as Adrak in Hindi and Aadu in Gujarati is equally good for our health especially in winters. It helps in cleaning mucus, in digestion, prevents colitis, comforts the stomach during inflammation and keeps the body warm.

  • Many researchers have studied that it also acts as a pain reliever.

  • It has antibacterial as well as antiviral properties which helps in stimulating macrophage activity.

  • Its carminative properties sand its volatile oils helps in digestion and soothes walls of our gastrointestinal tract which often gets affected due to fatty foods of winter.

  • It can be consumed in many ways; in the form of a powder by drying it, it extracting its juice, by crushing it in a mixer or can directly be consumed by soaking it in lemon and salt.




Turmeric in the form of a powder is a very common ingredient in most of the Indian Dishes. It gives a different natural colour and known for its aromatic properties. However, if you visit a vegetable market during winter, you will find vendors selling raw turmeric. This is because of its great medicinal properties. Let’s have a look on some.

  • Raw Turmeric has high amount of Curcumin which is known to be anti inflammatory in nature. This is the reason why application as well as consumption of turmeric is so advisable in cases of wounds or even cough and cold.

  • It may even promote bile secretion in our bodies which improves our digestion system and prevents us from cough and cold.

  • It’s consumption is also advisable in arthritis and several other pains like migraine.

  • Winter is a season for foodies. Most of us love to eat during this season. However, eating too much affects our liver. Raw turmeric increases production of an enzyme that helps in detoxification and also improves the blood circulation.

  • Raw Turmeric can also be consumed in several ways. It can also be soaked in lemon and salt and can be consumed raw or can be grated and used in curries and other dishes. At last powder is always an available option.

These were 3 things that should be consumed in winters. However, we have more things to share for winter. If you like these 3 things and its benefits, we will be glad to share more.

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