Tulasi Kasha To Cure Yourself In This Covid Pandemic

Praveen Shankar
Feb 17, 2022   •  2 views


Take one handful of Holy Basil Leaves (Tulasi)

Honey - 4 Spoons

Chopped Ginger - Small Piece

Chopped Garlic - 2 Small Piece

Pepper Powder - Half Spoon

Salt - 2 Pinch

How to Make;

To start with, wash Basil Leafs two times. Now, take a bowl and add two cups of water. Then, take the basil leaves, put them in the bowl, add ginger, garlic and heat them. After five minutes, the water's color will change because of boiling, and at the time, add a pinch of salt to it. Off the stove, mix pepper powder, and strain it. Now add honey to add flavor.

Garnish with some basil leaves and serve this to your friends and family to be healthy in this pandemic.