Being Millenial - A Blessing Or A Bane?

Shreyoshee Chakraborty
Jul 03, 2019   •  10 views

The people living in the present day, especially the ones in their 30's and lower, refer to themselves as the 'Millenial Generation'. We do most of the communication part via social media. We order the groceries, clothes, shoes, food and even medicines online and get them delivered at our door step. Well, in one way, this surely does help the people who are too busy to go out for anything but their jobs. But does it help the remaining lot? Many will agree that it does not. People are getting unsocial day by day, specially the lot in their 18 to 25 years of age. We make plans of outings on WhatsApp, cancel them the next day and instead stay at home to 'Netflix and chill' while being completely unaware that being unsocial is actually a bane. When we step out of our doors and face other people, our non-chalant attitude will not help us. In an office, we need to know how to be polite and sober and watch our own backs all at the same time. A little bit of sarcasm won't do any harm but a lot of it will surely take it's toll on our annual evaluation. We fail to understand these. The kids never go out to play with their friends anymore; they are either busy with their homeworks or spending their leisure time watching videos on YouTube. 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' - dull are their lives, swamped with homeworks and games. My 4 year old brother knows how to download a game from PlayStore and then delete it to free up space for some other game. Is this how kids should be? Shouldn't they be going outside to play with their friends? The only kind of communication many people have with their own parents is only through WhatsApp or Facebook and that is not right. It's high time that we keep our phones at bay and spend time with our friends and family. One day they'll be gone - be it family or friends - and we will be left all alone with no one to share our feelings. That day WhatsApp texts and Instagram stories won't heal our grief, we will need a hand to hold us and we won't have any. We need to clear the chats and start a new story, not on Instagram but in reality and help ourselves find our happy endings. We do not need to go places because someone posted a picture about their visit, we need to spend time with our families as they need us and we need them. Social media surely does keep us updated about the ongoings of various places, but we can also update ouselves about it an hour later or even the next day. It won't harm us.

Enough said about the banes, these apps have their boons too. People who were previously unemployed now have jobs as the delivery boys of Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy and other such apps. They also get paid on getting 5-star ratings which can definitely be seen as a bonus. Also, the unlimited video and voice calling services bring people together. Families who hadn't seen their sons and daughters in months can now get to see their children on video calls. Every coin has two sides and it depends completely on us which side to choose and which to neglect.

In this millenial world we desperately need to find a balance between spending quality time with our families and wasting it on social media. Social media and other such apps help us a lot, but we need to go out, mix with other people, share some happy moments and try to bring a smile on someone else's face. I am sure it will make us much more happy than a stupid selfie with 500 'Likes' will.