YouTube is considered as one of the best apps to binge-watch any latest video or news or any music album, whatever you want to watch. But there are some restrictions while watching any video on YouTube, and one of the major constraints is you have to pay for some or the other videos to watch, and thus the user need to make a hard choice that's either they have to skip the video or pay by taking up loss !

Thus, I have some of the best YouTube alternatives you should try at least once in a lifetime, and indeed you'll love it for sure!

Snaptube:- Snaptube is one of the best apps and I highly recommend because it has a wide range of collections, be it from any popular music audio or any video which you have been searching from a long time. The user interface of Snaptube is very easy and quick for anyone to understand it. 

Snaptube is quite similar to YouTube, but over here you aren't required to pay a single penny to watch any video. And moreover, to download snaptube there's no such requirement to root your device, thus your privacy is not hindered. 

But snaptube isn't available on play store, obviously because of some play store legal issues, but one can get snaptube easily from any trusted website and also it won't take much of your device space as it is of approx 25MB. 

Snaptube is highly recommended because it has wide varieties of videos and even one can watch video from various social media apps in snaptube itself. That's snaptube helps the user to stream videos from various apps under a single roof.

The quality of the videos streamed in snaptube is best and even the user can make choices of video quality while watching the video.

Snaptube gives the user a better customer service and the updates of the apps is quite frequent which directly cleans out any bugs seen in the previous version of the app.

One can even upload their own video same as in YouTube, and gather the crowd. There is no requirement of logging in, in snap tube thus it's quite secure and handy.

There are no such charges charged while logging in and everything is for free. Snaptube has a well categorized section of the videos available in the app. Also, one can even download the videos and watch it later in the offline mode of the app.

Another best app other than snaptube and YouTube is, 

Vimeo:-  Vimeo is yet another video hosting platform, from the United States. Vimeo is one of the best video hosting apps if you want to find a new source of traffic for your website, other than youtube. Uploading videos on Vimeo is also as easy as you upload on YouTube, and even it has a lot of users with a  good ranking position on search engines making it as one of the best alternatives.

In Vimeo, one can watch videos which are of greater quality, as the goal of Vimeo is to provide their users efficient quality of video other than just heaping bulk quantity of videos which are of no use. One can even find out high-quality short films and music videos submitted by the community effortlessly in Vimeo.

As far as quality and subscription rate is concerned, Vimeo is identical to YouTube’s subscribe function, that is the user get the opportunity to follow different channels of users they like. And even one can give comments to your video as feedback.

There are several advantages of video, and one of the major advantages is the superior video quality which the app offers.

We all know YouTube usually provides compressed video when you choose the option of less data while watching. However, in the case of Vimeo, the video is presented without any compression and also no extra data is charged. That's the video which you'll watch will be as decent as it was while coming out of your rendering software. 

The very next superior advantage of Vimeo is the Branded video player, a feature in which the user is allowed to customize how the frame of their video player will actually look like. This one can easily match the player with the homepage, business portfolios, brand identity, or marketing campaign by tweaking the appearance of the app. This is a bigger advantage for companies as it helps them to improve their user experience and create a new play area for creativity in both colouring and designing. There are several tabs through which companies can even customize their logos and colour very skillfully.

The privacy control in Vimeo can also be customized, a feature which hardly any other video hosting or streaming app provides. The user gets a considerable spectrum of alternatives when it comes to privacy and playback control in the Vimeo app. Vimeo app also enables the ability to limit playback anywhere throughout the app, except on your own website or other websites of your preference. Which clearly means one can make their own videos exclusively available on their own website, which will increase the chances of more visitors and higher conversion rate.

Even Vimeo provides their users with Customizable video URLs that is it gives the users, liberty of changing the URL of their own video, and thus can make it easier to be found. This initially helps all the viewers to remember the URL, because of which the user can control their focus instead on recalling the products and services being stimulated in the video.

Last but not the least the Outstanding customer service, is the best feature which helps Vimeo to win the heart of their use as the forum activity and the service provided to the customer is a step ahead of YouTube.

Another best alternative for YouTube is Metacafe, it works similarly like YouTube but it has some significant features which make it fairest than YouTube, 

Metacafe:-  As mentioned earlier, Metacafe is another extraordinary alternative to YouTube. It has a great system which assures that all uploaded videos in it are of high quality, and also there are no other duplicates on their website of the same video. Videos are properly categorised in Metacafe according to different Genres and according to the date of upload, also the categorisation is done according to sections like entertainment, sports, video games, movies, news and TV as they receive millions of unique viewers every month.

There are various features of Metacafe which has to be considered while discussing Metacafe, as it's not recognized much but it gives some distinctive features to stand out as one of the best alternatives of  YouTube and some of them are:- 

Metacafe is ranked as the best video sharing sites, with over 2 million visitors a month on an average rate.

There is a reward system in Metacafe similarly like youtube, called as Producer Reward Program in which the user can get revenue for their uploaded videos.

One gets paid up to $5 per 1,000 visits with the help of this program, but even this comes up with terms and conditions, that is the video should get almost 20,000 views, then only they are eligible for this program.

Yet another app according to me which is the best alternative for YouTube is Dailymotion.

Daily motion:- It's a very popular yet least known video-sharing service which offers an incredible user experience as compared to YouTube. 

It's homepage is well categorized with various sections as trending video, categories and genre, and a search bar. The search bar has a significant quality same as YouTube in which the user can search any video with the help of tags and channels. This the UI of the daily motion is very much user friendly and anyone can access it without any issues. The work of the developers is transparent and amazing.

Daily motion is ranked as one of the best websites and also a best alternatives for YouTube by many of the users, and also the app/ website has regular updates because of which all the bugs are resolved, if seen, frequently.

There are many interesting features of daily motion which is nonetheless much better than YouTube.

The best feature of daily motion is the better video quality with less quantity. That is daily motion gives much preference to quality video and also provides better quality at less data, which is really very appreciating and rare.

Although, YouTube is very good at making bulk videos at a time, but the quality of the video is hindered and much data is abducted, whereas in  Dailymotion the viewers get access to a version of each video which is closer to the source and thus the quality of the video is not hindered. But unfortunately, there as not as much uploads in dailymotion as compared to YouTube's per day uploads.

But daily motion provides better flexibility to their users, because with YouTube copyright feature there are lot of videos which aren't able to be uploaded by whereas in daily motion there's not such copyright thing while uploading the video, which is undoubtedly a bigger relief for the user. In easier words, Uploading videos in daily motion is less risky and also tolerant enough because it's not that strict. 

Another feature of daily motion is Higher tolerance for content, that is in both the cases of YouTube and Dailymotion, there are some set of rules which has to be followed while uploading any content over the app or website. There's a list of do's and don't which is to be followed strictly. 

Last but not the least, there are many social media platforms which is considered as one of the high competitors of YouTube, and they are

Snaptube, Facebook, and Instagram:- Facebook, Instagram and snapchat is a social media network which allows the users to upload and share different videos. Thus these social media apps are nowadays considered as a big player in the social network game and hence it's becoming as one of the leading competitors in the world of video streaming apps.

We all know that uploading videos and stories is very simple in Facebook, snapchat and instagram. There are a lot of crowds emerging in these social networks which brings a great amount of traffic and profit as well. There are also various support tools which can be used for optimizing any video, which may include thumbnails, tags and also an option through which meta description can be added. And the best part of the social media apps is one can easily upload HD videos without downscaling the quality of the video.

One can even go for streaming live videos on Facebook, snapchat and instagram and also it's extremely easier as compared to YouTube and any other streaming platforms. Before you go ahead to  start or create any content on these social media apps it's suggested to learn and get detailed information about the protocol which are provided in these apps for upload. One can even follow various tactics and tips, use different filters before uploading videos.

Performing an open comparison between these social media and YouTube isn’t really favorable, as one the later one is a social media platform and the other one is simply a video sharing content application, but these social media apps are giving a tough competition to YouTube and also gaining larger traffic unlike YouTube. Though, as a comparison of the capabilities of both sources, it's clearly seen that by following various algorithms of social media apps like instagram and Facebook one can gain larger traffic, hence it's quite worthy to upload videos on these apps and not just stay limited with youtube.

Concluding the topic from my part, there are various alternatives for YouTube present in the market which are very much efficient and also has gained a larger traffic. Gaining profit and people is totally dependant on how good your content is, but if you have some really good talent then bringing it on various platforms will obviously bring out larger audience for you.