Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free

Manasi Rai
Apr 19, 2020   •  7 views

If you have recently worked on your app, and want to promote it online, don't rush on by paying more to any third party. Instead, there are varied ways through which you can promote your mobile app for free!

Promoting app is quite difficult because of the increasing competition in this digital world. Your app should be distinctive and attractive to others. Always keep track of your competitors. Before you start promoting your app, just keep in mind that the layout design of the app is impressive. And the content of your mobile app should be engaging. 

Following are different way through which you can promote your mobile app for free:

  1. Use your social network and get in touch: The very first step for promotion is to promote your mobile app in your network itself. This kind of promotion will not only help you to get better results but also if there are any mistakes or flaws in your mobile app, it can be rectified. The best part of using your social network for promotion is the mistakes can be corrected before it reaches another audience. Sometimes your social connection can give you better results than any other way

  2. Introduce your mobile app to your website:

If your Website has good traffic, then introducing your mobile app on it can be the best way of promotion. You can even use eye-catchy introductory lines and hence your website audience will give a chance to install your mobile app. 

  1. Feature your mobile app in the official blog or emails: If you have an official blog of your own, then feature your mobile app in it. Or else you can even write down a detailed blog about your mobile app, for promotional purposes. Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your mobile app. Try to introduce your mobile app in the Email itself and provide detailed information about the app.

  2. Make a demo video: Demo videos are one of the best ways to promote your app. Because the audience more likely watches videos than an article. A descriptive video with a better design will help you to tell all the Information as well as you can even connect with the audience.

  3. Try alternative app stores: There are various third-party app stores available online wherein there are no restrictions and also you can upload your mobile app on such app stores for free. Make your mobile app available online on various app stores, this Increases the chance of visibility.

  4. SEO and ASO: Search Engine Optimization also works for the visibility of your mobile app. ASO stands for App Search Optimization, that is one can optimize their app by using various tactics available online. Organic research also works well for search engine optimization and app search optimization

  5. Connect with developers and entrepreneurs through social media:- You can get a good amount of information through developers and entrepreneurs as they regularly post many pictures and videos about several topics. Once you connect with an app developer, his social media post can teach you a lot. And you won't have to pay a single penny for it! 

  6. Work on your App icon:- A good app and an eye-catchy icon are remembered for a long time. If your app icon is unique and different from others and also if it is visually appealing then the chance of your app getting downloaded is more than others. An app icon should be simple yet informative. It should be about your business. 

  7. Include app downloading link in your site: Try to make your app and website more customer-centric. Your viewer should not face any problem while they are searching for your app. Once you include the link of your app on your website itself, it becomes easier for the audience to go to your app. Moreover, work on your website as well as on your app too. Focusing just on your mobile app itself can be problematic at times. Your website should be easily accessible from any device, and your mobile app too.

  8. Focus on your mobile app landing page: Once the viewer installs your app, the first page of the app should be creative enough and all the content in it should be placed properly. The user must not face any problem while accessing your app through any device. Your app version should be updated and all the bugs in it should be rectified at regular intervals. 

  9.  Apply for awards and also feature your app on various mobile app review sites:-  It's quite obvious that before downloading any app from any app store a user checks about the app on various sources. There are many mobile review sites available online, and if your mobile app gets featured in any of these, then your app gets promoted easily. Also when you apply for different awards that are solely conducted for mobile apps, then automatically your app and your work get promoted and appreciated.

Try all of the above-given tricks to promote your mobile app and see the result of the same in fewer days itself!