Bharat Movie Review - Inconsistent With No Plot

Shreya Fotedar
Jun 06, 2019   •  82 views

Salman Khan is back with his Eid release in his same old style with a new movie. Bharat is a mix bag of logic that is usually only depicted in a Salman Khan film with wonderful music, action sequences, heroism and of course, a beautiful woman by the hero’s side. The movie is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar that tries to take us through a journey of a man and how he has been effected by the developments in the country.

The story begins with 5 year old Bharat losing his father and younger sister in the India-Pakistan partition of 1947, as they leave for Delhi to stay with his father’s sister. The story revolves around the promise he made to his dad at age of 5, that he will take care his family and keep them all together.

The film shows how he tries to earn money for his family, and in order to keep them economically, he travels to the Gulf, later joins the Navy. As the movie progress from 1947 to late 1980s, Bharat falls in love with a beautiful kashmiri lady named Kumud Raina played by Katrina Kaif. She gives a beautiful performances, and has improved herself tremendously.

During this time, the movie tries to highlight what India went through history textbook from death of Jawaharlal Nehru to the unemployment crisis, to emergency, to liberalization process. While in some places movie acts like a documentary, it fails to give a plot and a larger message. The movie fails to capture the country glance in recent times especially in 2000s.

The movie is inconsistent, and takes important life moments from the life of the man and tries to give us a story. The movie lacks knowledge, seems insincere in it’s projection. What it does give you is senseless comedy in bits and pieces, good drama and entertaining scenes, but it remains unimpressive and reflects upon Salman Khan's failing attempts to re-invent himself. Basically, the movie has nothing to offer. Though it is a treat for all Salman bhai fans, and if you are one they you should go and watch it. Otherwise, it a waste of money.

I rate Bharat 2 out of 5.