Why Books Are Better Than The Films?

Priyasha Dureja
Jul 26, 2019   •  36 views

Recently, I watched "To all the boys I've loved before" and what I felt was that Movie was not that good as compared to the first series of the book. There were certain scenes which were written differently in the book and I think the book one was better.

Books and movies are used for entertainment purposes and people read and watch in their free time. It has been always a debatable question about "Why books are better than the films?"

As from the movies that I have seen till now which are evolved from the books, here is my support to the question with these certain reasons:


Reading books allow you to imagine the story, characters and situations in your mind while when watching movies, you cannot imagine the same and has to stick to what the movie is showing to us. Also, Imagination improves the person's creativity level too because you are using your brain while reading.

Movies do not add everything

There is no such restriction on books that how many pages should be there in it while The movie is to be made for 3-4 hours maximum. It is because People get bored of very long movies and moreover due to censor board too which cuts the explicit content from the movies. Thus, due to these reasons, Films do not add each and everything. The movie is cut shot to only important parts while books add each and everything; from character details to situation in an exciting and easier way, Books add everything they feel will attract the readers.

Book readers have certain expectations from the movie

As what I felt is that whenever I read book first and after that I watch movie, I keep expectations from certain characters. Not only me, but there are many Book readers too who thinks the same. For eg; If I am reading a particular book and the protagonist is a strong woman with certain features, then I will expect the protagonist in the movie to be same as that in the book.

Portable pleasure

Unlike Movies, in which you have to sit long and watch the whole film at one go, This is not in case of books. Books are portable and you can carry them anywhere along with you and there is no compulsion or necessity to read it at one go. You can read a book whenever you feel like and at your own comfort.

Movies can be over dramatic

Sometimes to make movies more popular, they try to intensifies everything in the film. This can cause the movie to be quite over dramatic and also, It happens that few scenes are cut shot and another new scene is added to the movie which is not there in the book. This makes movie different from that of the book and hence, book readers may find the movie boring and different.

Not saying that movies are not good. Movies is also for entertainment purposes and makes audience happy but if talking about the comparison, then I can't deny that Books are better than movies in every aspect.