How To Make A Movie Analysis Essay

Mr Black
May 19, 2020   •  6 views

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While compiling a good movie analysis essay, you need to pay special attention to supporting an articulated argument. It does not mean that you need to dig deeper and deeper until find on the immense expands of Internet something that will be that exact piece of evidence you were looking for. Applying excellent critical thinking skills will better fit your needs!

A movie analysis essay highlights the features of the movie under discussion be it the production history, the movie itself (the plot), the cast and why the director has chosen it, the various and sundry movie elements including setting, sound, visuals, etc. What is more, you can examine the influence of the movie on the audience distinguishing the latter according to its background, religion, age, and so on.

Before going to great lengths, it is always advisable to watch the movie! What is the reason for writing a movie analysis review if you have not watched it? How can you compile it? If you are of the opinion that one simple Wikipedia article is enough for understanding the plot and one simple critique written by unknown person sheds the light on all themes and motifs, you are absolutely wrong. While watching, jot down interesting details and ideas which make this movie gripping enough to look into. Such things as symbolism and mood deserve mentioning as far as they make the film thought-provoking.

Introductory Paragraph

A perfect introduction is short and informative. The director of the movie and the leading actors should be presented right after mentioning the movie’s title. What is more, you need to stress if the film is based on a book, on its motives, or on real events. It would be wise to write a couple of sentences about the intention of the movie. Besides, there is a strong need to give a short summary of the plot in order to familiarize the audience with it and later be sure that the readers understand well what is discussed in the movie review.


The primary aim of your writing is giving recommendations: to watch or not, who will not like it, who should not miss it, etc. Your argument should be brief, concise, and supported by pieces of evidence or valid explanations. Small remark: you can concentrate on one specific segment instead of talking about everything at once.

Body Paragraphs

In this section, you are supposed to evaluate and examine the information presented in the introduction along with the thesis statement. Make sure that your essay is coherent and logically structured, and you implement transitions and linking words. Draw full attention to both technical and non-technical details which make this movie special, namely lighting, sound, acting, directing, and costumes.


Duplicating the thesis statement is strongly forbidden! Your conclusion should be based on both thesis statement and your own impression of the movie. In other words, review your opinion, say about your recommendations, and rate the movie. It sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?