India is the land of spiritual beliefs, philosophical thinking and culture. It can be said that people in India, have strong faith and dependence when it comes to their religion. The perception of Indians when it comes to religion is different. Religion adds meaning and reason to their lives. People leave no stone unturned when it comes to prove that their religion is superior.

India is a secular nation which guarantees freedom of religion to every citizen residing within the territory. India is a land of diversity in terms of caste, culture, race, community and creed, which are not considered to be an obstacle in development of the country, as the constitution gives utmost importance to the concept of Secularism.

Every person has the freedom to have faith in the religious beliefs of any particular cult or denomination. The right of freedom of religion declares that every citizen can freely and openly practice the religion and share the ideologies of one’s choice without being hesitated. While practicing the religion, one must ensure that no criminal or anti-social activities are encouraged. Also, it must be kept in mind that the religious sentiments of other devotees should not be harmed. The right also ensures that if a citizen is found guilty of committing any anti-social activities on the ground of following the norms of religion, the citizen would not go scot free.

Every religion has its own code of conduct, rituals, ceremonies modes of worship etc, but while following and obeying the same an individual should take into account that decency and morality is maintained. He needs to be aware that the religious activities he resorts to, does not give rise to any kind of conflict and cause destruction of the property and life of the people in the society. Law will take the requisite steps and measures if at all any acts endangering the safety and unity of the country is projected in its eyes.

Religion plays an indispensable role but while practicing the ideologies and beliefs it should be kept in mind that the unity and harmony among the nation is not disturbed. Also, every citizen must ensure the smooth functioning in the nation while sanctioning the right.

“Dharma is not about believing in God. It’s about making the right choices, doing the right things and leading the right life.”

―Anurag Shourie, Half A Shadow



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