Discrimination Between Girls And Boys

Sharika Ayubi
Sep 10, 2019   •  16 views


I am not a Muslim

I am not a Hindu

I am not a Christian

I am not a black not a white

I am not poor nor a rich

I am a human being first!

humanism is cast

And humanity is my

When God doesn't discriminate on any

Then who is the society to do so?

I didn't understand why discrimination still exists.

Why we can't understand that boys and girls are all a part of a colourful family.

Discrimination clipped the wings of a girl child even if she has more calibre and enthusiasm than a boy.

A girl is not persistent than a boy but an economy difference such as not getting equal pay for equal work demotivates and discourages a women talent.

The reason for discrimination is not just because of illiteracy or unawareness but sadly it comes under human nature!



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Go girl.