International Day Of The Girl

Kajal Singh
Oct 11, 2020   •  12 views

International Day Of The girl seems like a fun vacation that celebrates everything smart about being young and feminine, (collecting Lisa Frank stickers and not paying bills) however the vacation was created to serve a way bigger purpose than that.

Some 30,000 women and men from nearly two hundred countries arrived twenty five years before in Beijing, China, for the Fourth World Conference on girls, determined to acknowledge women's rights

In the years following, ladies pressed this agenda forward, leading world movements on problems starting from sexual and reproductive health rights to equal pay.

Today, these movements have enlarged. they {are|they're} being organized by and for adolescent females – ladies from all walks of life who are with boldness demanding action against discrimination, violence and poor learning opportunities


My voice, our equal future

Every year on eleven Oct, the International Day of the girls, United Nations Children's Fund launches an annual campaign with girls to amplify their voices and rise for her rights. This year, beneath the theme, “My voice, our equal future”, let’s seize the chance to  reimagine an improved world inspired by adolescent females – energised and recognized, counted and invested with in.

As adolescent females across the world assert their ability as change-makers, International Day of the girl 2020 will specialise in their demands to: 

.Live free from gender-based violence, harmful practices, and HIV and AIDS (biased world) 

.Learn new skills towards the futures they select  

.Lead as a generation of activists accelerating social modification

The global #GirlsTakeover on International Day of the girl (11 October) could be a decision to action for radical social and political modification to rase barriers of discrimination and prejudice that still hold women back.

Each year, females from the united states to Asian nation many ladies step into the roles of media, entertainment, business and politics for each day to demand equal power, freedom and representation females|for ladies} and young women.

Through the #GirlsTakeover, women occupy places wherever they're rarely seen or detected and making it clear they have the right to be there while not being suppressed or neglected.

11 Oct has been a key international moment to celebrate the ability of women and highlight the barriers they face since the UN adopted it as International Day of the lady in Gregorian calendar month 2011.   

While there has long been a global Women's Day and a global Day of the kid, neither of those days recognise the distinctive position of women United Nations agency are discriminated against merely for being young and feminine.

The day aims to shed light on all the explanations we tend to, as a worldwide society, ought to address the challenges, biases, dangers, and injustices young women deal with all over the world—with specific target elements of the world wherever child marriage is widely practiced, like Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the center East, and North Africa.

International Day Of The Girl is supposed to push the empowerment of young women all over, whereas conjointly advocating for the attainment of their basic human rights, like education and bodily autonomy.

There are 1.1 billion women alive these days who may get older to change the globe if they’re merely given access to things like educational activity, correct nutrition, and birth control services.

In reality, though, over one hundred thirty million women are out of faculty worldwide. With the exception of China, one in three women is married within the developing world before reaching their eighteenth birthday—which shows that 47,700 women are coerced into underage marriages on  day after day.

At least five hundred million girls and women lack a personal place to change their hygienic protection—a truth that results in reproductive tract infections and fewer women at school.

Each year on October 11, a unique theme is chosen to highlight a dimension of female empowerment.This year’s theme is “My Voice, Our Equal Future,” building on last year’s theme to equip girls with the power, knowledge and the space to continue voicing their passions and concerns.