Once there was a mighty king who met a beautiful girl, saved her from some dragon, evil aunt or other monsters and they lived happily ever after.

Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, do you know where I am going with this?


I can't remember a single bedtime fairytale that didn't have the same ending some way or the other.

This is where it started. This is where we taught our girls that they will always get their knight in shining armour. Their prince charming who will come riding a white horse and save them from every monster.

And our poor boys, this is who they are conditioned to be. This is the ridiculously high expectation our boys have to live up to.

Ain't it time, we got a fairytale where the boy and girl met, fell in love, worked hard at their relationship and slayed every dragon together? Ain't it time that our love birds were of the same gender? And ain't it time we abolished the not so normal beauty standards?

Because let's face it, if I were asked to wear a dress twice my weight, have hair as long as the Nile, put my feet into high heeled glass shoes; I would fall on my face with every step I took. And i don’t care what you say, that's definitely not gonna be a pretty sight.

Let me say this once and for all, us girls don't need to be saved. Hell, we don't even want to be the goody goody princess who keeps her mouth shut and eyes down. And just so you know, we are done being your dolls cause we've got our wings and are finally learning to take a flight.