Let's stop and revind for a moment.
What was it that made us different from other organisms?
What was the reason that put us highest on the food chain?

It was our ability to think, feel and ofcourse convey our thoughts to others like us. Now resume and look around! Did you see what has happened to us? We are losing the thing that makes us who we are. Look closely. Still can't see it? It is the thing buried deep beneath the greed for power, material and status.

That tiny light of HUMANITY.

Where did we lose it?

The place where we started torturing harmless animals for our greed!

The moment where we started picking these stupid and reckless fights for the superiority of one's religion over other's; for the dumb and inhuman discrimination over status, cast, gender, race, sexuality and what not. Our news channels are filled with robbery, rape, murder, revolts, politics, terrorism.

When did you last come across a Human being kind to someone without all these benchmarks? Or a stranger smiling at you while you crossed the road?

Stop and take a moment to see where is the future of Humanity going? Aren't we losing the one thing that we all had in common against every other organism?


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A little understanding here, a tiny smile there and a mind that is open to things that it doesn't knows or understands is just what we need today.

Just a human who gets his/her happiness from sharing it with others and not at the cost of someone's pain. A little humanity! Let's just work a bit harder to put the goals of being a doctor, engineer, painter, model or anything secondary and learn to be a human first!

Humanity is our greatest asset and it is all that we need to keep being the humans that we are.

Cause a human without humanity is nothing but an animal, maybe not even that.