A student's common enemy. What is that fear that is lagging behind the word 'exams'? Many scholars say that exam is something to test student's knowledge knowledge...is that so! T hen why students are treating exams as atest for life. If a student fail or achieve low marks, he is considered as a zero without any talent. Are really exams required in this education system where only marks are a token of student's ability and potentiality. If government is so sincere in evaluating, the information in our textbooks is an outdated data.

What is difference between a literate and an educate? Being a literate is the marks you gain from seeking your textbooks. Being an educate is what you organise you knowledge an bring it to outer world. Grasping the content is first step and using it in a practical world is an another key step. The practical exams are just being conduted for sake of records and manuals.

Is education system or the faculty or student's perspective are dfferent?
A kind request to all my dear victims of our educational system ,make a goal,dream your career. Study for not your parents,not for getting married,not for having a degree but for being educated. Study for your sake, for improving knowledge. Don't attempt any death act if you lose marks. Because Einstein,Edison,Newton,Sachin and many others are once who failed in exam but not in life.

Every regret is alearning. Every learning is an experience. There is no any big tutor in lifetime than experience



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