How To Study Physics For Boards In Class 10th

Mar 30, 2020   •  5 views


Physics is a very broad and difficult topic among all the science subjects. To understand physics you must understand the basics or you could say that your base has to be the strongest. Many a time people say physics and maths are almost similar. That’s true if you know maths very well, then your numerical in physics are sorted. Physics becomes a way lot of easier when you are well versed with the theory, the concepts, and the key points. Now when the board exam approaches, students will be burdened by anxiety and pressure. But there is a small piece of advice,” DON’T BE SERIOUS, BE SINCERE”. As the boards of class 10th will be the first time students will be introduced to a new exam pattern, a new question type and that is what scares most of the students, as they are used to the same pattern in their schools, boards will a new experience for them. During boards you have to study properly, in fact, not only for boards, we have to study for every exam sincerely. In particular, if we talk about studying physics, its a whole lot of a task. Understanding physics and applying the concept properly is not everyone’s cup of tea. But when boards are near, you have to study the subjects no matter you like it or not. So if you don’t understand physics well, here are some tips and tricks that you could follow before your physics board exam.


The first and the foremost thing that you will need for any exam is to have a time table ready. You have to understand it by yourself that which topic you are confident in and which are the topic that requires attention. By doing this you will have a proper idea and you won’t waste your time studying what you already know. Proper time management is a key thing.


Once you have made your time table and decided which topic to focus much, then you must have the notes and content related to the topic with you. Studying from books is important but if you have your notes with you that will be more beneficial. And make sure you write the notes in your own language.


Don’t forget to go through your textbook. In boards, the first thing they focus while making the questions is the textbook. There are very less chances that the question will be from out of the book. If you know each and every concept or topic of the book you are 80% done.


Physics is full of formulas and learning formulas is always a tough task. You must write down the formulas or create a separate list for it and stick in your room so that whenever you pass by, you could have an eye on the formulas. Formulas play a major role in your paper. Knowing a formula can at times help you with the concept.


As I mentioned earlier, basics are everything. Don’t run to learn new topics without clearing the basics. Focus on understanding the basic concepts and then remembering the details.


Physics is 50% numerical and 50% theory. You can excel in numerals only by practicing. The more you practice the more you will get an idea of how questions are made. And for the theory part don’t go on mugging up all the things. The best way to remember an answer is by writing down it in your own words. When written in your own words you will be able to understand it better and mugging up can always leave you confused.


Now during board exams, students tend to skip their meals or even their sleep. You must remember this one thing that you cannot study the next day if you don’t sleep. Skipping the sleep and studying all night won’t help. Skipping sleep decreases your concentration level and increases your stress and anxiety. So you must have a sound sleep of at least 7 hours before an exam.


Solving past year paper will benefit for the exams the most. If you are giving your board exam for the first time and have no idea what kind of questions will be asked, you must go through the previous year papers that will give you an idea of how questions are made. So before sitting for your exam make sure you have solved the previous year papers.