Loopholes Of The Indian Education System

Abhijeet Trivedi
Mar 23, 2020   •  6 views

An Indian teenager got 90 percent in his 12th standard exams. His parents and teachers were very happy and all were appreciating that student! The student also seemed to be happy from his face, but was not happy from inside! During an open conversation with his parents, he told me that he has not learned anything logically, he has just remembered the things and mugged up everything! He said that he was unable to explain the concepts of Science, History, etc. like the addition of one plus one!! It is clear from this example that the teenager has clearly understood the Indian education system! And now he could do something great in the world, as he would not follow the crowd.

This is the situation of almost every student in India. Everyone used to pass the exams, but not able to apply that education into real life! It might be possible that a student can have a great start-up idea in his mind, but is not having a degree. Such students seem from another angle in Indian society. You would get surprised to hear that Google, Apple, IBM, etc. companies have given the instruction to Glassdoor (A company which selects candidates for the MNCs) that if a student is not having any degree, but holds good command over algorithms, or any computer language and have its valid certification, then they are eligible to apply for the interviews!! MNCs like Google does not want candidates with a degree, they want the candidate with a good mind! 

There are so many mechanics, electricians and coders in India who are not having any kind of degree, but are excellent at their job! The condition of earning a degree of Graduate or Postgraduate has now become the past! It does not mean that our education system is the worst. However, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft president Satya Nadella, Intel vice president Manisha Pandya, etc. are all Indians! But we need to accept this fact that all of these have taken their highest education in foreign universities only. The final appreciation goes to the education that they have got from foreign universities!

Not only in the technical fields, but also non-technical fields have a number of people like Travis Kalanick (Uber’s founder) who have not even earned the master’s degree, but are the well-known faces of the 21st century! 

So, we should focus on reforming our education system rather than putting effort into increasing our students’ memory power. Students can make India a superpower in a real sense!