Perfect Study Plan For Boards

Mar 30, 2020   •  7 views

It isn’t easy to prepare for an exam that is considered as “the biggest exam of your life” and to be honest it actually is. When boards are round the corner all you could think of is studying and sitting in front of books for hours and hours.but the last minute study won’t help for any exam. The preparations have to be done from the beginning. If you have paid attention in the class, half of your work is done. The rest of the work is on you and how you devote and balance your study.

1. Plan effectively

By planning effectively I mean that you give the right time to a single topic. Your time management is the key factor that will play its role. You must make a time table, that you could follow without skipping any part of it.

2. Go through your textbooks thoroughly

You must be clear with everything that is there in your textbook because there is very little chance of a question beyond your prescribed textbooks. Ensure that you are well versed will all the concepts, diagrams and tables.

3. Solve previous year papers

Having studied well and being exam-ready are two different things. Solving the previous year paper will make you exam ready. You must do this step so as to be aware of the types of questions that canoe asked in the examination.

4. Focus on important topics

Memorizing certain formulae, dates, and notes is essential for every subject. You must understand which topic is important and which topic has high chances to appear in the paper. With this, you could minimize the burden of topics.

5. Time management

You must understand that how much time do you need to devote to a particular question or concept. You must also see how much time do you need to solve a particular question, this way you would know if you need to concentrate on speed or accuracy. With the help of this, you will also get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

6.  Study in the group for once

It’s always good to study in a group as it will help you to clear your doubts which your friend might know how to solve. If you have left any topic to study you could do it with your friends. But make sure you study with your friends ;)

7.  Early morning routine

Start devoting your time to study in the morning. Morning is the time when your mind is fresh and is ready to take anything you study. Its the best time to study as there is minimal distraction outside and helps you to concentrate better.

8. Focus on your weaknesses

Your main concern during exams should be to focus on your weakness because your strength might make you confident but your weaknesses will bring your confidence in the paper down. Focus on each and every subject that you have and everything should be given importance.

9.  Health care

It is during the exam times when a lot of students tend to fall sick due to the pressure and burden on them. Don’t even consider skipping your sleep or diet during the exams. Skipping the sleep will make your concentration level low and it will bring loss to you. You should alter have 7 hours of sound sleep and have 4 healthy meals every day. And while sleeping sleep peacefully and don’t stress about the exam.