My favourite TV show ever

Since my childhood Naruto has been my favorite fictional character and so does the show. It was not just me who longed for it but my two sisters as well. Back then, I was in fourth grade and my sisters have planned that I am going to sit with father for studies by six and when it strikes eight, we all would gather and took control over the TV for next half an hour. My mother had a serial at the same time, but it is only her who knows how we disturbed her routine for almost three months.

It was earlier broadcasted on Cartoon Network and when they were done with the episodes, there was nothing for us to watch over the dish. Despite, Dragon Ball Z was good, it failed to hold my attention for long. An year later, we got a broadband connection at home. We didn’t know how expensive the internet could be and consumed one full month quota in a day just watching some trailers and teasers of Naruto, not even an episode from the original show. After all none of us knew: where and how to get the original ones to watch. Father was a little angry on us unless both of them accused me of playing online games which caused the data to get over. You can guess the consequences. I was debarred from using internet specially to play games.

Over time we grew and the internet was now more feasible and cheaper. We used to get unlimited broadband instead of 4gbs for a sum of seven hundred now. The first thing I did was to gather all the episode from the shonen jumpI watched all of them from the start. My sister had lost interest in it by then and they began acting like aged aunties as if my love for the show was something very childish.

Anyhow, I completed the first set and it was time to jump for Shippuden. By my eleventh grade, I had joined the show’s pace. I used to watch every episode as it gets out.and then one day it got over. A total of sevenhundred-twenty eps, ten movies, a million childhood plus so more was now at its end. Although they send a relief called Boruto, things are not anymore like the way it used to be. Naruto is a legend and so is the show. I don’t want to bring any spoiler content over here. And this was how I completed, and stayed forever with my most loved series.

-A true fan