Why ‘Stranger Things' Is The Most Popular Show On Netflix?

Mar 12, 2020   •  17 views


It took a few good years for the show to become a legend”. It’s the show everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is talking about. The perfect mix of spooky, sci-fi and the power of friendship is all wrapped up into one amazing Netflix series: Stranger Things. Seriously, what’s not to love about this show?! Keep reading to find out why everyone is obsessed with the Stranger Things series The show is perfectly imperfect in the perfect way! The relationship drama, growing friendships, mysteries to be solved, it’s all part of the show’s uniqueness. It’s so retro. This show is so different from any other on the market right now and it’s all thanks to the 80’s vibe the series gives off. Nostalgia much! The theme song is everything. It’s an addictive soundtrack that won’t come off your mouth easily. The mystery-solving is nail-biting, cringe-worthy and worth it! The suspense of this show makes it so much harder NOT to binge-watch. Stranger Things knew exactly how long it wanted to be, and didn’t ever feel bogged down. The first season has a beginning, a middle and an end, and the story is told explicitly, with just the right pacing and just enough time given to each of its characters. There are only 8 episodes! The casting in Stranger Things is simply outstanding—even Winona Ryder, an actress, plays a role that’s totally unlike any other character she has ever played. The humour and horror on the show go hand-in-hand! Beyond the nostalgia factor, the show was very well-paced and produced. The acting was exceptional, it was a solid 8 episodes show not a bloated 12 one, the mystery was to die for and last but not the least the show hadn’t been hyped up from the start but it took it’s time and became a legend!



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