Three Types Of Movie Watcher We All Are Surrounded With!

Nirmit Shah
Nov 11, 2019   •  378 views

Do you really know which type of movie watcher are you?

Let me take you to three phases of mine where I can suppose there are 3 types of a watcher in general.

Get it now by reading more.


It’s no harsh and rude to those who watches a movie or not. Just read out the whole writeup. If it still not matches the point, then sorry because in the end it’s my point of view, my perception. Thank you for your attention here.

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Get ready, and find which type of watcher you are!

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1. Watching A Lot Interrupting Their Actual Routine

Yes, I’m not targeting you here. Well, you may relate this but I had suffered from this phase 2 years back when I was in 11th & 12th doing my schooling.

Did you ever watch anime? Anime is a Japanese cartoon industry. It’s a huge one. There is an anime namely “Naruto” that you might have heard its name. It’s too famous anime.

There are in total 720 episodes (each one contains 20 mins).

During my school time and extra tuition, other than this, what I was doing - just watching an anime.

My father had replaced my smartphone with a normal phone. This phone can be useful to you in just calling. And there was an option to watch videos in 3GP format having 1 GB of maximum memory.

Yeah! You are guessing the right way mate ;p

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Me:I want more (Image Source : HECparis)

I was downloading those anime in 3GP format, transferring it via computer and watching those on a very little screen. Whenever I get a little time, I open up that phone and get headed to watch from where I was earlier.

Anime is wonderfully watched in the Japanese language and I don't know that language. Obviously was using Eng subs. So, even in the absence of the ear-plugs, I was watching that stuff.

On and on. Like damn.

What we could suppose, signs showing these types of watchers as?

  • Gets hesitate, if you missed the chance to watch.

  • Easily approachable to the people who watch the same content irrespective of how the person is.

  • Holds the same feeling to watch again and again.

  • Majorly talks only about what he/she watches.

  • Avoids the actually important discussions

  • Always in their state of the mindset of imagination.

  • Don’t value the actual content (That person just needs a thrill)

2. Saying No To Any Movies And Series

When my school exams were over and I was all set for a vacation, the decision I took was really unbelievable. Like seriously, even I don't know what made me do this.

“I stopped watching everything I used to watch along with my bucket list.”

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Saying No To Web Series (Image Source : Forbes)

Literally, I threw that bucket list away from my mind. It might sound funny, but I was thinking as I’m just moving on.

I was in the first year of college. And a kid that stopped watching movies entered the place where everyone is probably indulged with the same madness that I was having.

I believed the people who watch movies, people who discuss the movies, are stereotypes. But you know what, you are a safe buddy.

Because right now I know and mean that there was only one person a stereotype. That was me.

To be honest, I was watching YouTube videos only about self-improvement and related interviews, talks.

And wait, the so-called “motivational” videos and some quotes had directed me into that phase.

My cousin whom I had suggested to him to watch a series a year back, was also damn surprised about this scenario. Truly, I was not interested in movies. And yes truly.

But the very narrow-minded thing I can observe right now is -

I was forcing myself not to watch movies and series at weekends, once a month or etc. Even sometimes I wanted to.

Why? As it is bad and you should be improving your life.


How creepy it sounds when you genuinely want to do what you want and you force it not to do that because it can improve your life, and you know what will happen!

Again, it’s not just watching a movie yet balancing your stuff including it with an entertaining source later on.

What we could suppose, signs showing these types of watchers as?

  • Mostly, avoids talking with those watches the movies so often

  • Not easily approachable to people

  • Annoying

  • Only comes up with their area of interests

3. Watches When They Feel Like Without Interrupting Their Routine

Those who watch the series and movies without interrupting their routine can really be in the broad-minded area. Not because they don’t interrupt their routine, yet they include it in.

I guess it’s been 3 months that I’ve been experiencing this thing (And still). As you can already get to know from the previous 2 cases.

Two weeks back, I was suffering from really bad health issues where the sickness took 4-5 days to cure.

And still, there was weakness till a week. When a person is sick/ weak, there’s a huge fall in their energy, right?

I was having nothing to do then. Guess what? I started watching an anime. Also, watched some of my pending movies.

I learned a lot there.

And after I got back to a healthy routine, I naturally stopped watching it. Or I can say I didn’t care if I want to watch or not.

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After getting on good health

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If I want to watch it, I’d add it in routine like once a week or twice a month. Yes, I’m doing this which is not that in extremity.

Here, I can say that I genuinely watched the content valuing their efforts. Because those are likely to handle themselves well more than a movie or an anime.

They are with themselves even watching the content and without it. They never are fully awaited for the particular show or movie. And if they are waiting, then also they do not wander like hell.

I don’t suppose there are actually signs of these types of watchers.

But, I can surely elaborate on some possibilities that someone could have if he/she understands this.

  • Always have another perspective

  • Ready to accept where surrounding people get the discussion into

  • Less annoying

  • There is no particular area of interest, as they only are interested.

Everyone wants to change. But we get stuck into our bad habits that are to hold any habit strongly.


The 3rd type of movie watcher inspires us to watch movies and even not making sure that we don’t lose ourselves.

We miss opportunities to meet new people, wise people just because we avoid interacting with them.

We did avoid them as they watch lots of movies or they never watch a movie.

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Let’s sum it up here (Image Source : AZ Quotes)

Thank You For Reaching Out Here, Keep Spreading Wisdom!