A Safer Internet Is Good For All

Mahak Gupta
Oct 10, 2019   •  41 views

Internet has positives and negative factor. Internet plays a vital role in our precious life. Internet has become a basic need for our daily routine. Internet is useful as well as in medical, economy, industry, education,science, designing etc.And……

  • Teens can find information about drugs, sexual health through the internet which they find hard to talk about.

  • Senior citizens who use internet are less depressed and more mentally active.which improve their health.

  • The Internet itself contributes 3.4% to GDP in 13 countries.It create job for illiterate and idle and improve their status in society.

  • Internet works as bridge between two people from different area. And connect them regardless of distance. Skype has played a vital role to connect people around the world.

  • More than 95% of businesses have an online presence nowadays and improved efficiency and communication with customer.

  • Internet is particularly useful for everyone. all things are available on the internet, we can get anything by only searching on it.

  • It helps people a lot, for example learning languages, getting news from different countries and doing research for project.


  • It increase crimes all over the world. Augmentation in cyber crimes is the result of it. which is one of the worst attributes of the internet.

  • Some People use it as platform for bullying individuals which demolish their moral value and have negative effect on society and especially on kids.

  • The internet makes it possible for individuals to conduct medical diagnosis on themselves, which is against the individual’s interest.

  • Internet makes the spread of personal information and private picture very fast and uncontrollable. it is the reason of bitterness.

  • There are several fake website on the internet which consecrated to obtaining people’s information to steal their identities. And also helps in make fraud more widespread and rampant.

So it has proved that internet has both good and bad effect on society. It is Useful as well as harmful. But the present time is dedicated to development of technology. Which is the result of increment in status of an individual and a group(society). Now a days everyone in society use
internet on their mobile, computer, laptop. it include kids, teens, youth,and senior citizen also. So the internet should be safe from several crimes and frauds which destroy social and moral values in society. Thus a safer internet is good for all.