5 Centimeters Per Second - Importance Of Episode 3

Nov 03, 2019   •  19 views

Actually we all knew that it is a 1 hour long animated film. But the weight of symbolization, it carries is overly praise-able. Sir Makoto really did his utmost study in making this film. From here on I am going to focus on the most symbolic part of this film; the upholder of the inner plot: Yes the Episode Three.  

Starting of Episode 3

It starts with the visuals of urban lives and buildings, concluding the uncertainty of human lifestyle. Now the hero works as a city dweller and also a part of modern society who long ago left his readopting part of his life with contained the girls. One is his childhood love, next one has a crush on him.

Here are two counterparts of his room’s visualization!



By this scene we can assume that here is the main protagonist who is also in his melancholic state, the past memories strike him as the breeze of morning sweetness though the memories that are nothing but bitter-sweet and almost lost. and this scene follows to the next one~~



As before he is still missing the past memories, It have forced him to leave his recent monologue and starts to penetrate him to find the lost memories and solve the jigsaw puzzle of the plot and life. And These scenes follows through the Random salvation of their lives.  Now the real thing begins.

Here Comes the famous rail gate scene, the Final Remedy of their Lives!

Taki, the main protagonist looked back and the girl tried but because of the train they can’t be able to see themselves. Here the train works as the passage through time, where the hero promised the girl that after getting work he will come back but the family of the girl didn’t take that proposal as they settled the girl’s marriage before Taki could ever come back. Yes who would remain calm after that long time and the girl accepted their parent’s consent! The only lone soul that suffers is the soul of the hero. He waited and waited long enough to get the girl but the girl never came back to him as he took long enough to complete that promise. So this is our society that prevents us from completing that type of promises where circumstances dominated love and all matters and the society is the mastermind and we are the pieces of his chess board.

And now the finale~~

The main strike follows as the song “One More Time” starts. Yes that’s the full name – “5 Centimeters Per Second a chain of short stories about their distance”, the distance created by the God/Nature; the distance created by the circumstances and the society.

The rail gate scene is the climax scene and on getting on a train by the girl made us think that she is able to start a new journey of life with her Fiance but the hero didn’t get up on the train – signifies he is still stacked in his early memories that are still playing with him.

He will never get the salvation of his true love and that concluding case goes on and on with all of us, on this lap of our very own world. Onward are the two scenes~

1. The Girl starts her own new journey
2. But Hero Didn’t Board on the Train

The Hero remains in his on realm of time but the girl moved on, this simple interpretation is the final concluding conclusion of this film and this very perspective is brilliantly represented bu the director. Yes he is indeed a genius one for presenting a relationship with its different shades of a palette! Mastery at its best when someone employs his MasterCard at last! And that is the final scene.

And The Final Scene
And there is left no ‘Mitsuo’ on Taki’s Path of Life!

Here We go again another article is finished, for this one I have to use my sublime efforts because finding the inter realm of the scenes of a film is quite hard for a writer. But I am a critic and what can I say, it is my job to point out the brilliance, hidden between the ordinary!

Thank for sticking to the end. This time it is long comparing the before article; hope you can excuse my faults!