10 Underrated Bollywood Films Of 2019 That Didn't Get Recognition They Deserved

Niyati Jaiswal
May 13, 2020   •  42 views

Living in 2020 and literally surviving with hope (thanks to novel Corona Virus outbreak), this time has left us with a pool of thoughts or say, "overthinking" but despite of this fact we also started believing in the value of life, and keeping ourselves calm during this hard times, and when we say relief, the first word that comes into my mind is cinema. So this lockdown I decided to do things that lightens my heart, I started watching movies, that's what I live the most. So, I listed some movies from 2019, that I missed and I guess most of the audience missed them and should watch.

2019 has been an iconic year for bollywood film industry as it got the a bit of media literacy i.e audience has appreciated content based movies more than the masala package with salman bhai and an item song with irritating story lines and stupid lyrics.

But sadly there are some beautiful movies doesn't get that recognition because they are too low budget and realistic that audience doesn't get attracted.

So here is the list of some underrated movies from 2019 that didn't get recognition they deserved.

1. The Music Teacher

Films music teacher, directed by Sarthak Das Gupta, shows us the another aspect of the love story, indeed beautiful one.

In the film, Manav Kaul is seen as Madhav who is an aspiring singer and due to some family reason he had to come back to his hometown Shimla.

While running music classes from home, madhav got to meet a girl "urmi" who fell in love with him. Due to some reasons they gets separated. After waiting for some years, Madhav meets "Geeta" who's life is very much similar to that of Madhav's i.e lonely and heartbroken. A lot more happens after this. Somehow, this film teaches us that love has everything be it the heart breaks or sorrows but above all it has hope and happiness too.

The fun fact is that Sarthak wrote this film 17 years back but no producer was ready to produce the film. Finally in 2019 Netflix streamed it on its platform. If you like slow paced sweet films this movie is for you.


2. Hamid

Hamid, story of a boy who haven't met his father since a while, and when he asks his mother about him, she says "abbu allah k paas gaye hain" one day Hamid notices that 786 is Allah's number, and he dials the number by adding random numbers to it and accidentally the number is of a soldier.

The film is beautiful portrayal of situation of kashmir without propagating any political message. The lead actor Talha Arshad Reshi who played the character of Hamid got best actor award for the film, but unfortunately couldn't visit india from kashmir to take the award due to lockdown. Infact he was unaware of the news for a very long time.


3. Sonchiriya

Sonchiriya is one such film that was much awaited but didn't get the desire audience.

The film is one of the get film from 2019 with best Subject, direction, Cinematography, screen writing and Acting. The story is set in 1970s based on the life of a group of Chambal Daku who's leader's role is played by Manoj Bajpai.

There is an inspector who has been ordered to finish the group , the role is played by Ashutosh Rana.

Characters of Ranveer Shoray and Sushant Singh Rajput have two different ideologies. One want to surrender and another wants to run away. Sonchriya is totally plot driven film that didn't have anything like commercial film, that's one of the reason of its failure.

4. Albert Pinto Ko Ghussa Kyon Aata hai

The film is is the modern remake of the Cult classic of 1980 with the same name.

Character of Albert is played by Manav Kaul and his wife's character (Stella) is played by Nandita Das .

Stella files a police complaint of her husband missing and on the other hand Albert is on a road trip to commit a murder. The narrative of the film revolves back and forth and slowly the character of Albert unfolds that why he us so angry and what is the situation he is dealing with. Despite of being a remake of a classic film the film didn't get much recognition.


5. Gone Kesh

Is a story of Inakshi (played by shweta Tripathi) suffering from alopecia, a fresh and beautifully saga about women fair fall and how the society responds to such natural disability minakshi is going through, then her parents decides to take a step forward for inakshi to vanish her deficiency.


6. Judgemental Hai Kya

Female lead character bobby who is a dubbing artist, is played by Kangana Ranaut, Bobby is Considered quite psycho due to some events she went through in her past life due to which she behaves weirdly. Then comes Keshav (played by Rajkumar Rao) who has moved in to bobby's adjacent flat with his girlfriend, and bobby starts stalking him, and during this a murder happens and bobby starts thinking that keshav is the murderer then the story takes unpredictable twists and turns. Kangana's top notch performance as an actor won our hearts.

Although, Judgemental hai kya didn't get enough appreciation from audience but definitely got some appreciation from the critics. If you like an offbeat film, this movie us for you.


7. The Sky Is Pink

The story is based on a real life story. The story is based on the story of Alisha chaudhry who is suffering from a rare genetic disorder. Alisha's character is been played by Zaira wasim who is also the narrator of the film.

Further in the film we see that Alisha's life expectancy is very less, and her body is becoming weak with each passing day. Alisha's parents (played by Farhan Akhtar and Priyanka Chopra) tries their best to make their daughter survive as long as she can. Undoubtedly the movie is subtle, emotional and but does not fit for every audience.


8. Photograph

Film Photograph is made by the makers if "the lunchbox" and indeed as beautiful as this film. Male lead Character named Rafi is played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is a photographer who clicks pictures of people in front of monuments on tourist spots. As female lead Sania Malhotra is Seen in the Character of Miloni.

One day Rafi Clicks a Photo of Miloni but couldn't give it to her, so he keeps it with him safe and when his grandmother asks him to get married so just fir the sake of her concern he shows her Miloni's Photo and says that the girl in the photograph is his fiancé.

And now the story takes a twist when Rafi's grandmother wants to meet Miloni, so Rafi starts seeking her. The film is a soothing and sophisticates attempt for Cannes, but sadly not for box office and mainstream audience.


9. Mard ko dard nahi hota

Through this film the action comedy genre of bollywood is presented in totally different way.

The story revolves around the character Surya (played by debutant Abhimanyu Dasani) who is suffering from a rare medical condition due to which he can not feel any pain or sensation. Surya's family always keeps him isolated from the world, and kept into a licked room. He spend most of his time watching 70s and 80s action films and starts fantasising that the world out of this room is as dramatic as these films. But as he grows up he comes to realise that his disorder of not feeling any pain is actually helpful in this real world.

This film is one of the most underrated films of 2019 but highly recommended.


10. The Tashkent Files

The story of the film is very engaging. In the film we see the character of Ragini who is a Journalist, Ragini finds some classified papers that proves that the cause of the death of India's second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri was not heart attack but was a planned assassination. Following the break of the news Government of India makes an Investigation Committee in which we can see some well known actors like Nasiruddin Shah, Pankaj Tripathi, Mithun Chakraborty and Mandira Bedi.

Insight of having a heavy competition in box office while the release date but a film made with 4 crores achieves a target of 17 crores on box office.






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