My confused mind still searched for the real answer. Doubts about whether she was putting up a prank swirled over my head. I decided to break the silence.

Me: Let's make it clear you were putting upon a prank right?

She: Never.

Me: Why should I believe you?

She: You are depressed and you are hoping for a revival in you.

Me: (anticipation) why are you saying so?

She: Every dream has its interpretation, your suicidal dream says so.

Me: (chuckled) make it clear. What was I doing in your dream?

She: You were trying to jump off from a moving train.

Me: (in fear) but… But it was all in your head, I never saw those dreams.

She: (smiling)

Me: (irritated) I need a break, I will be outside.

She: Okay


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Time passed and I stood very near to the entrance door. I was relaxed and enjoyed the cold breeze. As the train was speeding up, I was carried away by the breeze. Suddenly a loud noise was rattling over my ears saying “ Move away “. I turned back, it was the same girl, she pulled me inside and slapped over my face. I opened my eyes and found myself in the compartment again.

Me: (furious) why did you slap me?

She: Excuse me, what are you talking about?

Me: Don't play again, I was standing near the door and you slapped over my face!

She: (surprised) but when did you go out? You were sitting here only!

Me: (sweating) sorry, nothing.

She: Relax, I think you need some good sleep.

Me: (awkward smile) good night.

She: (smiling) sweet dreams!

Time was running, the lights were off and all went to sleep. I woke up hearing the hustle and bustle of people moving in and out of the train. I asked one of the railway vendors to get me some coffee. I took the coffee cup and was in search of my wallet. I found both the girl and my wallet to be missing. The other girl who was busy with her laptop grabbed my attention.

Me: (in desperation) Did you see my wallet anywhere here? I kept it under my pillow.

Other girl: No

Me: (suspicious) Did you see the girl who was with us?

Other girl: She got out two or three stations before.

Me: (frustrated)

Other girl: Wait, I saw her searching something around your pillow and bag.

Me: (agitated) why you didn't wake me up then?

Other girl: I thought you guys were friends, both of you was having a good talk yesterday.

Me: (shouting) I don't even know her name!

In frustration, I threw my coffee over the vendor, and as a validation of Newton's third law, I felt his strong hands kissing my cheeks. I opened my eyes again and found that I just got on the train from Bangalore to Chennai, started arranging my bag, and was surprised to see the same two girls as my companions.

The reality was weird. I was going through a state of hallucinations. This time I became more conscious and started my journey home without even uttering a word to both of them!