It was a blessing to have life. To live your life you wanted to, with guidance from people everywhere, with others to nudge you in the right direction, and care for you. It’s not the same for us. We might have wings, we might have unearthly powers, and we might be stronger and better, but we couldn’t do what we want. More like, I couldn’t. Every fellow angel of mine was happy with what they had to do, with their tasks to look after these puny worthless humans. I wasn’t. I wanted to be them, or have what they had. Freedom.

Being an angel wasn’t easy. You do what you’re told to, without any questions. Rebelling wasn’t an option, because what’s the point? You’ll be sent straight to hell for it. Sure, we were given freedom about who we want to love with our preferences, but all of these imbeciles thought of themselves too high for me to even like them.

All the other angels thought too high of themselves, and were egoistical. God was not aware of the situation, he was too busy obsessing over his creations and modifying them every chance he got, not seeing the filth they had spread on our beautiful planet.

Furious by the minute about the new task I’d been assigned, the new human I was given, who turned out to be a woman in her late 20’s. Great. A woman who must be in her mid-life or existential crisis. Humans love to make a big deal out of everything they go through. They’ll get drunk one night, and the next day they’ll talk about how they want to die, and swear to ‘God’ that they’ll never do it again. And then proceed to day the same things the next day. Stupid humans with their pea sized brains.

As a Guardian Angel, it was my duty to protect humans, guide them, forge a path for them and help them. We light the path they walk and darken the roads they shouldn’t. As I looked out for this woman, I noticed that she was happy, happy with her job, her parents, her partner, and with everything around her. She looked content with everything around her, but deciding to still be cautious, I looked after her for a few weeks, nudging her here and there.

The woman was different than the others. She loved herself before others, but cared for everyone else. She was happy, and tried to make others happy. The others were selfish and only cared about themselves. I was struck by this human. It wasn’t like them to be so un-self-absorbed, yet here she was. Seeing that this woman was not in need of guidance, as the others did, I decided to leave her alone for the day, thinking nothing else could go wrong for this God’s Grace. Boy, was I wrong?

The next day I was called by the Elders, as quickly as possible I made my way towards the council room, wondering what could’ve gone wrong. I quickly tried to search for the woman I was protection through my vision, but was unable to do so. She must’ve been sleeping, which is why I couldn’t track her soul. Entering the council room, I watched as the Elders’ faces turned grim upon seeing me.

‘Welcome, Joshua. Do you know why you were summoned here? I shall hope you do, for you have caused us great disappointment. What is the woman you’re supposed to be protecting doing right now?’

‘Sire, I am not able to connect to the woman, so I suppose she is sleeping. And I apologize greatly for any and every disappointment I have caused you.’ I say going on my knees, showing my respect and servitude.

‘The woman is in an ICU as we speak. On her deathbed, in fact, due to your ignorant attitude and the way you shirked your duties. She had an accident, while driving the ‘death on wheels’ these humans invented. She crashed into a bigger vehicle and is now in the Healer’s Abode, about to die in a few minutes. It is up to you, whether you want to let her live or die. Repent your mistakes, or give up your divinity. We have heard you speaking about being tired of the ‘old ways’ and how we need to make a change. But if we do that, you shall see first-hand what the consequences would be.’

With my veins thudding, and my mind blank, I went out of the council room, and straight to the ICU room where the human lay. Cloaking my visibility, I raised my hands and put them onto her stomach, watching as it glowed for mere 3 seconds and turned normal. As I looked at her, I realized that humans maybe god’s creation, but so are angels. It wasn’t divinity that made us stronger and better, but the ability to control ourselves from evil.

Being an Angel doesn't mean being better than the humans. It means being a creation to help them be better than us. It doesn't matter how and why the Angels need to change their ways, because we are the stronghold that is keeping the world together. Humans might ruin, but it is our duty to help them build better and be better