It’s good to have people around you with similar ideology and sense of perception.

It’s going to be 2 years this May when I graduated and since then, wanted to pour my thoughts out which could convey my way of taking things in a defined way.

What I am doing is not out of compulsion, but it is the thing , after Engineering, I ‘enjoy’ conquering. 

I could have gone to a place where people from every nook and corner of the country come to get their dreams conquered , i.e, Old Rajinder Nagar.

Some of these hubs are India’s Makkah Madina.

But what’s the use when I believe in doing it all by myself , i.e, “self” ?

What’s the use of spending half of my entire Engineering fees for getting the results via a different route when I could’ve achieved it using Mahalanobis’s way?

People often say , Karol Bagh is the place where you should be if you want to do nothing after graduation. Because herds have been following that ever since.

May be, I can give it to them for this. May be, I don’t realize what I’ve achieved in this long process. But, do I see any ray of hope, somewhere? 

I know, I can beat the best in the country. Time is the factor.

Even, every country has different time zones. Some do have more than one, but they are few.

How can you then expect from people to have the same time ‘zones’ in a country like India with 1.3 billion people?

I know what I’ve faced in the year of 2019. I know how I managed to keep myself on track. I know what an orthodox mindset can do to your confidence. I know what a person’s negative emotions towards you can do to your efficiency.

But do people know about this? Have they ever encountered even a  brink of it?

Only few could understand who are willing to take themselves in the journey of getting it the hard way.

May be you didn’t realize the “heading” of this long-lazy paras. Who cares about you now, when you didn’t bother to care earlier?

People have lost patience. I am no exception. But what after ruining things and still not realizing about the lost part? I am an exception here. 

You are getting old , I am getting old (LOL). 

But I can say that in the mind part , you are getting old and I’m not. All the difference lies just here, just within you.



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Mesmerising ✌️
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Shukran bidu.