Poem: On The Darkest Of Days I Will Be Your Pole Star

Ruhin Kapoor
Jun 28, 2019   •  25 views

Children in India are stressed and they’re not coping well with this excess amount of stress.You must’ve heard of the term “self-harm” in which a person deliberately hurts him/herself physically to cope with problems that they’re facing.A report by Times Of India said that“While parents often dismiss self-injuring as an attention-seeking device, or a passing phase, mental health practitioners counter that girls routinely cut themselves high up on their thighs where no one can see the injuries, which would suggest the opposite.” (Source:TOI)

There is lack of awareness amongst children and it becomes difficult for them to handle situations where they themselves begin to self-harm or they get to know that their friends are causing self injury.

The report had the following information as well:

“It’s hard for parents to understand why anyone would want to intentionally hurt one’s self or why that injury would come as a relief,” says Mumbai psychiatrist Zirak Marker. “Some young people report it serves as a distraction from some other intense emotional pain. Others self-harm because they feel numb from inside.” Research suggests that the continuum of causes for self-harm ranges from depression and anxiety to borderline personality disorders.”


I’ve composed a small poem for everyone who has previously suffered from this problem of self-harming ,those who currently self-harm and those who know anyone who harms themselves. It’s just a way of saying that “I’m here for you “

Pole star

A cut here a cut there

Not a single patch of clear skin they’re everywhere

The world is shut

You feel the sorrows leaving you with each cut

Bloody wrists have become a common affair

Don’t roll up your sleeves or else they’ll stare

There’s something that I’ve been meaning to say to you

And I believe it’s time I do

For every cut , every wound will heal it’s just a matter of time

It’s a battle you’ll have to fight

Stay strong don’t run and hide

My dear you’re a fighter

On the darkest of days I’ll be your pole star