Anger is a normal feeling and sometimes positive too as it helps you work through issues or problems. Anger becomes a problem if it leads to aggression and outbursts. Sometimes, in anger, you say things which may hurt others and regret doing that later on.Anger control is important to avoid ourselves from creating or doing something which we’ll regret. To control anger, you can use various strategies.


Forgiveness is a powerful tool. Anger usually come when we think about stressful situations or the situations which hurt you or make you feel angry. Instead of getting angry over them forgive them because the people who hurt you don’t give a dam about anger and it’s only you who is hurting yourself being angry over them. So, to live a calm and stress-free life forgive everyone.


When you feel anger within yourself just calm yourself down and go for a walk. Walking around in a green and silent place will give peace to your mind. You will feel much better as physical activities reduce stress and tension.

Change your routine

If you’re feeling angry after a short period of time, change your schedule and routine. Don’t think about stressful situations or the situations which make you angry instead of that focus on doing things which make you happy. Keep your mind busy an don’t overthink about situations. Share your anger and take healthy advice from your friends and close ones. Do something meaningful and worthy in your life and try to make others happy with your efforts.


Laughter is the best therapy. To diffuse your anger, find ways to laugh like playing with kids, playing video game, dancing and any activity which will make you smile and happy.


It’s okay to express your anger, to say how you feel as long as you handle it in the right way. Express your anger in front of your trusted friend who will understand and calm you. Outburst solves no problem but talking to someone whom you trust and whose advise you can help you in reducing your anger. Tell them the reason of your anger and follow their advices.


Slip into a quiet room, close your eyes and imagine positive situations to relax your mind. Whenever you feel frustrated among people don’t outburst your anger in front of others instead of doing that distance yourself from people for sometime and give a timeout to yourself. Give time to yourself, analyze the reason for your anger and try to make things better.