A Letter From Me... To Myself...

Alka Agrawal
Jun 01, 2020   •  9 views

The Feeling of emptiness. It is the feeling that surrounds me most of the time nowadays. The more conscious I am trying to be towards the feeling, the more drift away I feel it to be. I am no longer able to control the emotions overflowing from me. The anger, the sadness, the emptiness..  Where does all this relating to.? Is something missing? Or I am trying to be too ignorant of the problems even if knowing that it is affecting deeply within.

Anger… The powerful emotions which have the ability to overpower any feelings. Am I a victim of it? Why am I not able to control it, Why am I not able to comfort me. In the world of various options and choices, why am I not able to find anything for myself. Not any help, not any love. Is this so because I simply want to ignore these feelings which are finding a way to crawl back towards me. Or Am I hiding a better piece of information from me?


Whatever the thing is… Whatever the feeling is… Its time to build me up again. Its time to grow the child in me once again. Regardless of the anger and regardless of all the anxiety. Peace if you want it, will definitely come running towards you. So, to the better piece of myself, I am suggesting you to find good. Find a way to fight away the anger, to fight away the anxiety and be the happy person you want to be.

Till then, Embrace yourself Darling!!!! There is no enemy than your uncontrolled emotions. But… But remember that You will be the best fighter to make it lose. I’ll fight. Fight for the happier me… Fight for the better me… And I will Succeed.