When someone you care about hurts you, you hold on to anger, thought of revenge and resentment. These wounds can leave you with feelings of anger and bitterness. You carry on that hatred and anger with you, your whole life. But what's the benefit of carrying that hatred and anger? Does that benefit you in any way? No, it only makes you worse because the other person who hurt you doesn’t care about your anger and hatred. There is no effect of all this on them. The only person who suffers is you. How will you deal with this? If you want to end this anger and hatred, you have to do just one thing – forgive them.

Forgiveness is a process of letting go your emotions of hatred and deception towards the person who hurt you in some way. It doesn’t mean forgetting others mistakes, it means forgiving them for whatever they had done. Its really hard to forgive some people who almost broke you into pieces but its better to forgive as hate and anger will take you nowhere. Doesn’t matter that the person apologizes to you or not, forgive them for your betterment and healthy life. When you carry hatred and deception in your heart and mind for someone, you continuously think about them and their mistakes because of which you only give stress and tension to your mind by thinking same things over and over again.

To forgive someone its not necessary to deal with them or you don’t need to tell them that you’re forgiving them, do it for yourself and make sure you won’t allow yourself to get hurt from others. Don’t allow that person to enter your life again for your own good. Forgiveness means you’re accepting the reality of what happened and finding a way to resolution and to move on in your life from those temporary people.

Forgiveness is not an easy task to do. It requires your willingness to forgive someone. Sometimes, it's too hard to forgive people because the wounds they give you are too deep. Forgive someone only when you’re so sure about your feelings that you’re ready to end that resentment and hatred from your heart but its beneficial for you to forgive that person to heal yourself.

Even if it is so hard to for some people just think about yourself first and let yourself go with the flow. Make you believe that whatever happened is for our own good and let your heart and mind forgive those people. Move on, forgive everyone.

Don’t hold onto grudges, forgive everyone and live your life happily and amicably.