Thoughts After Coming Back To College

Ritika Singh
Jun 20, 2019   •  26 views

City lights do attract everyone and so did it attract me 2 years back when I wanted to leave home and head to some other state to study. All of us wanted to taste college life but reality strikes you only when you experience it. Not saying college isn't fun but home is where the heart is, it's rightly said.

Students all over go home before they commence the next semester. There were first-timers, some regular ones, and ones who visit only once in 6 Months and after you come back there's an ocean of thoughts. Yes, Bangalore you're amazing but there are some things I miss when I'm not at home:

1. Realizing how bad is the food in the hostel

You've had enough of your treats with your friends munching your favourite fast food in town and enough of mummy ke haath ka khana. Reality is you've got to eat the tasteless food in hostel again and unlike home you don't get to decide what you've got to eat. Yeah, Agreed happy reunion with Zomato and swiggy but come on, nothing's better than food at home.

2. It was the shortest break ever

Back home all of us had a different timetable and between running errands,eating,shopping, andcatching up with friends, there was no time for anything.

3. College has already started !

Assignments have started to pile up. Summer internship projects have to be submitted and within a few weeks you'll start with your internal's. We were so preoccupied at home that cramming starts now.

4.How much I missed everyone in college

Hometown friends have a special place in my heart but so do my college friends. They are kind of our survival kit in college, helping us, irritating us and always having our back in this strange city.1000 stories to narrate how you spent your vacations in the most unexpected way and also getting kicked out of class sometimes becuase you're not paying attention.

5. How you brought back way too much stuff:

There is officially no room in my dorm for anything. Having your summer and fall and winter stuff all in one closet is difficult. Every time we go home we shop like we have an entire room to store our clothes but we forget about the small closets that we have. Plus the food that we get has to be stored properly, And there's no place !

6. How you can’t wait to wear all your new clothes

Everyone went home and bought a ton of new clothes to bring back. And now, you just can’t wait to show them all off—the only problem is, there is never enough time to wear it all.

7. Time for a diet

You've eaten at all your favourite places. Got love from the family in the form of food and now have become a potato and it's time t shed down all that fat cause you're back to college and parties and it's going to be a problem if you can't fit in those clothes that you bought 3 months back.

8. I miss my scooter

When you've to go to places and have lost all the patience to book a cab after getting dressed up you miss your vehicle. You were not dependant on anyone. You had your keys with you all the time and you were the boss !

But since we've moved out of our comfort zones we have to accept this and enjoy. You can't get everything and you have to miss out onfew things because you have better things to explore in college. These days will not come back you've got to live this college life because later you should have stories to narrate to your kids and leave them thinking how notorious you were back then in college .