Dear Best Friend,

Savour this while it still lasts because this is going to be a one time thing. You know all the usual stuff right? How you're the bane of my existence! How much I hate you! How much abuse I put up with just because you are my best friend ! I've never been shy about telling them out loud, yeah? Not only to you but to whomever willing to hear. So here's some more.

You are possibly the worst possible thing that could have ever happened to me, but I am so thankful that you happened to me. No matter how abusive, crazy, chatty and stupid you are, You are my best friend and I won't have you any other way. You make my day a lot better just by being next to me. My days would have been a lot more peaceful if not for you, but also a lot more lonely.

I know I've told you over and over again that I'd chuck you the second I get a chance. I probably would, but I'll also come looking back for you the next( I totally would). I've gotten used to you chatting my ear off about anything and everything for so long now, that a day without it feels like I'm the only person alive. I don't even remember what life looked like before you walked in.

This will probably inflate your head even further. But I really don't know what I'll do without you. You are important. You already know that, don't you? (Stop cackling, you buffoon). From sharing lunch packs in school to stealing my samosas in college canteen, you've grown with me.

You saw me fall down, laughed at me, helped me get up and laughed some more. You saw me go through relationships, you were there when I got proposed and then when I got dumped. You were always there with a smile and a hug anytime I was feeling down. You were there when I was homesick. The two of us felt like a little family to me that I started feeling 'hostelsick'(If there is even a term like that) when I went to visit home.

You were there to laugh at me when I tried on clothes that clashed with my hair. I've lost more clothes to you than I've donated to charity. Every time I ask myself, "Why do I even put up with her abuse?" , your voice echoes in my head merrily "Coz you love meeeee". And that really says something for my mental health.

You're the main reason I'm friends with so few people. The number of people you've scared away because of your runaway mouth(and the things that come out of it)!!!! huh!! You make my life a living hell dude. You drive me up the wall. You keep me sane. You laugh with me. You let me cry. You make me happy. And most of all you just let me be.

Whenever I need you, you're always there with a candy jar and a movie picked out. How in the world you made my parents trust you, I wouldn't know!! I think my mom will trade you for me anytime. Not that aunty is any better. She Loves Meeeeeee. So yeah. You're always there. And you always wil be. And I'm so grateful that you are. I may appear to take you for granted some days but I know that my life won't be half as easy without you making halfass comments about every thing that can move.

Kudos to stealing my food, scaring away my potential life partners, abusing me non-stop, to the rom-com nights, to those cheesy romance books you literally blackmailed me into reading, to the smiley wars in whatsapp, to spamming the class groups, to all the "Hi aunty, how's uncle?",to all the thousand insane things that's ever come out of your mouth. Cheers to the midnight calls and sleepovers. I know we are at a point where we're both unsure of how this insanely beautiful friendship between us is going to survive what the future will throw at us, but if I have any say about how it'll turn out to be you'll be standing there laughing at me for every mistake i make.

No matter where life leads us, at the end of the day I'll always be that girl you shyly befriended in primary and literally abused into being with you all these years. To all the secrets we kept and the gossips we heard, Cheers and I can't wait to meet my GodSon(Or Daughter). Tell you Soul mate( Yes the one who'll never know that a pea brain like you existed!!) that I say hi. And don't do anything i wouldn't do.

Miss me more than I do you. Love me more and more everyday. Piss off people and be happy about it. Be the joyous bundle that you are. Be goofy. Get called a Mad woman and show them how true they were. Save money for my Bridesmaid dress.

I Hate you.





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