Lights will guide you home was one of the most used captions when we were in the 12th grade. We never realized when we were leaving our city that someday these things will actually make sense. I come from the small town, Jamshedpur. It's beautiful in its own kind. Small parks, Clean and empty roads, Sweet people and the huge Group of TATA. This city has my heart. Being born and bought up in a small city is very different from being born in a metro city. I've personally felt the difference.

It's been 2 years that I've been staying in Bangalore pursuing my undergrad degree and like every other kid, I dreamt of studying in a metro city, living the happening college life and what not. But it's not how it seems it's very different. In these 2 years, I came across things that I found weird at first and sometimes was also taken aback. I had my own boundaries and own notions towards life. I felt I was somewhere losing it trying to be a part of the crowd. My father always said," Don't try to be a part of the crowd, Think different and you're capable of doing a lot of things ". That's when I realized that just to be a part if the hustle in the city I cannot lose my individuality. Yes, Change is good but don't try to be someone what you're not!

Yes, big Cities are desirable with fine dinings, late-night parties, Big MNC's, huge malls, art, and culture. But sometimes I feel is your happiness only confined to all these things. Is there nothing more in life apart from all of this? Do you not find happiness in small things like seeing the railways tracks or rushing to your favorite dosa stall in the morning, chilling out with friends and also valuing relationships that you should? Or life remains confined in parties, shopping, and complicated relationships.

Try looking towards the different side of it. Make the most out of the opportunity that you've got in hand. Meet people and make new friends, get into silly conversations, tell your crush you like him, get drunk but don't lose your individuality. Cherish relationships and respect the art and culture. Everyone is so busy either in their 9 to 5, college assignments that sometimes we don't even get the festival vibes. Art and culture have lost its charm and is only confined to exchanging sweets. Yes, I agree we cannot have everything in life and lifestyle changes from one place to another. You should never forget your roots because that's the prime cause of how everything starts falling out of place. I've seen people entirely change in order to be part of the crowd. Broken relationships, night lights, Peace while watching the empty roads which are filled with cars at peak hours. Every phase of life has it's own pros and cons but In order to live in the present we get so carried away that it starts bothering us later.

Bangalore indeed is a beautiful place because it's given me friendships to cherish, some memories and taught me lessons which I'll never forget in my entire life! I've lived my craziest days and spent the most amazing nights here but along with being happy about the fact that I am a part of this Big City but not it's hustle!