You only live once, all of us have heard about this but how many of us live our life like that. We always crave for more rather than enjoying what we've already got. As it's well said human wants can never be satisfied because we start expecting more when one of our want is fulfilled.Many of us are so busy in making money that we leave behind our family and all the happy moments. One should balance work and personal life. We live in the era of happy depressed world. This means that people are happy from outside just to show off to the worldbut deep inside they're not satisfied. There's nothing wrong in feeling happy but you should actually be happy. People brag so much about their happiness on social media but in real world they're actually way more sad.

One basic rule to stay happy is not to be dependent on anybody else for your happiness.

You should create your happiness in whatever manner you can.

Some simple ways to stay happy are:


Never get dependent on somebody else for your happiness and create one for yourself. Try to keep yourself happy by whatever work you can.


By staying positive also you can remain happy because when you stay happy no bad vibes will be around you. Postive vibes energizes you and keeps you happy.


Try not to sit idle because when you're free your mind gets full of thoughts which most probably can be ill if you're idle.


In life its very important to have dreams because when you chase them you automatically get happy.


When you do something good for anyone, donate something or help someone then also you get a good vibe and get happy. There's another level of satisfaction when you do some charity work.

Just don't be happy for the sake of being happy. Stay happy from heart and be satisfied. Make your parents proud and get their blessings. Help the poor and think good.

Do whatever makes you feel happy and free. Never worry about what others say. Whenever people will se a successful person in making they'll try to drag them down. So don't be worried about that. Spend equal amout of time with your family and friends because they're an important part of life as well. Feel satisfied for whatever you've got and always keep chasing fir your dreams. But never pretend to be some other person in order to get attention and get fake happiness.

Always stay from the things which gives you negativity or reduces your happiness such as:


Wrong deeds are the most significant reason of being worried and frustrated all the times. Whenever you do a bad deed you don't feel an inner satisfaction and peace which makes you impatient so stay away from that.


Most of say don't stay free and never do the things we like because we think of others. We hesitate and think what will others say. So to stay happy do whatever makes you feel good.


Never be dependent for your happiness on any other person. Never let somebody else control your life. Do whatever you wish and what makes you


Some of us have the behaviour of getting irritated very soon and being angry all the time. This happens when we're not patient and being like this we only ruin our happiness and life.

So now I'd just like to say that you've got this life for one time so live it fully and worthwhile because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.