When people discuss courtship, you would see how those cheeks turn red, those smiles turn wide. It is obvious how this discourse makes most people giggling excited.

Dating is a short-term activity that involves two people may it be as simple as having a meal or going to a movie together. Courtship, however, is for people who want to take part in a long term relationship, become engaged, and get married.

Bollywood has raised the standards that have to be set for courtship an earlier Even I used to dream of a boy singing with a guitar in his hand just like Srk did it for Kajol. And the traditional “I will get the moon and stars for you” which I could imagine as the man doing everything it takes to get the sweet ‘yes’ of the woman he wants to spend his life with.

This is what modern teens and adults think but the modern ways of courtships have actually changed. Gone are the days when someone would wait near the big black telephone waiting for their Partner's call or even waiting for the postman to get the love letters! Gone are the days for kabootars. Our partners are just a call away!

Mobile phones have dominated everything in the blink of an eye. From " May I know where you live ? " it gets changed to " Hey, Can I get your number? Thru texting, they can communicate at any time of the day instead of sending letters which will cost more time and money. Through text messaging, a man and a woman can both get to know each other and even set the time and date of the meeting.

Facebook and other social media Platforms:
Facebook and other social media platforms have taken the world by storm. Even courtship has no escape from its invasion. When a man lacks the courage to ask for the woman’s contact number, he would easily find the woman’s name on any social networking site (usually Facebook) and that’s it. A simple “wave” button can spark a conversation.

Because of the various tools Facebook provides, it makes wooing a special someone a lot easier. Tagging each other on various posts, sharing snaps, video calls, voice mails have made life easier and connectivity even better. You are now a part of each others instagram stories or snapchat stories but it's you who decides to keep it low-key sometimes. It also increases the compatibility level between two people.

Online dating and courtship:
With a simple swipe and touch of a button, you can find your potential partner. Apps like Tinder, Wechat, and other online dating apps contain tools to let you choose, and connect with someone you wish to know, and eventually be in a relationship with. Unfortunately, online dating is not for that purpose alone! It serves their purposes too. Online dating profiles don’t really explain a person, and chemistry requires a face-to-face, so online dating has its limitations. Then there’s the issue of dating etiquette, which doesn’t appear to exist at all, and since there aren’t any rules, dating behavior ranges from polite to rude.

This fast-paced process of dating had led to an increase of alarmingly haphazard and superficial relationship aspirations. The easier they get to each other, the quicker they lose interest when their expectations are not met. And worse, online dating has affected one’s notions in terms of relationships.

Parents opinion that matters:
Although there have been new ways of courtship, still, it has no escape from one of its leading purpose and that is to also obtain the “yes” of couple’s parents.

For a dating relationship, the dating couple is less likely to consider parents’ or family’s opinion. As a result, the couple might possibly give in to temptation since it lacks the guidance from parents and guardian in contrary to courtship that highly requires accountability from family members.

But if we thought that parents’ opinion brings conflicts, we should think again. If you became a parent, would you let your child date and eventually marry someone you haven’t exchanged even a single conversation with? Who knows? He/she might be dating a delinquent, a friend, or a junkie.

In the fast-moving world everyone is falling in and falling out of love, the one thing that matters the most is your perception towards a relationship. Whether you're there to support him in all the decisions he makes, or blindly follow whatever he imposes on you or have a say of your own. The core of every relationship is communication and technology has solved that problem. It's totally up to us how we balance our career and relationship. Courtship shows your readiness to spend your entire life with a person you've chosen. Keeping in mind the pros and cons and ups and downs your relationship will go through it's you who gets to decide whatever you want in life.

The best form of love can just be staying with your partner and supporting him in whatever he does and helping him guide his way through various obstacles in life!