An Outlook On Healthful Variety Of Dates

Mustafa Ali
Mar 16, 2020   •  10 views

The origin of this scrumptiously sweet dry fruit dates back approximately 8000 years ago in modern-day- Iraq. However, it is regarded as the most reverential and loved the souvenir of Saudi Arabia. Millions of Hajjis and Umrah pilgrims brought dates to their homes after the completion of their religious rituals of Hajj and Umrah.

Dates have immense religious and health significance. Unlike Hajj it is an Umrah season. The financially sound and able-bodied Muslims are highly recommended to plan their Umrah itinerary with religious zeal to purify and multiply their inner souls and worldly wealth. So if you have not been on your spiritual spree till yet then, do consult a trusted and certified travel company to book cheap Umrah packages with flights. Bring your Umrah special Madinah dates along with spiritual ZamZam water at home for your loved ones.


Date Consumption- A Sunnah

Furthermore, the consumption of dates is the lovely Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (SAW). He (SAW) used to have honey and dates in his diet. He (SAW) has also directed mankind to contain dates within their homes. According to the sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), the dates, Ajwa dates, in particular, save the man from Black Magic.


Numerous Health Benefits of Dates

Besides religion, the dates have immense health benefits. The dates are brimmed with various natural minerals, vitamins, and sugars which are inevitable for the body and heart health of a person. These vital minerals are calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium magnum and Zinc. It also contains vitamins as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.


A Discussion on Word Date

The word Date has been taken from the Greek word daktylos which means “finger.” In the Middle East, the Palm Tree or the Date tree is regarded as the ‘Tree of Life”. The scientific name of a Palm tree is known as Phoenix dactylifera. The date is regarded as the national symbol of both Saudi Arabia and Israel.


Kinds of Dates

An extension of the discussion of dates, we would like to brush up your knowledge about the different sorts of this delectable small dry fruit that you should buy and enjoy at your homes.

It’s quite surprising that there are almost 200 varieties of dates. Let’s jump unto some available variety of dates which are found abundantly and easily.


Ajwa Dates

It is regarded at the top of the list because of its immense Sunnah significance. It was the favorite sweet succulent fruit of the Holy Prophet (SAW) which was widely used by the Arab people before during and after the time of the Last Messenger. It is dark brown or even Black. When you eat them, the Ajwa dates melt in your tongue.  These dates are believed to have medicinal/healing properties. Because the Holy Prophet (SAW) has directed to eat the Ajwa dates to get protection from the hazards of Black Magic and poison.


Ambera Dates

These dates are quite common and readily available in Medinah Munwarah of Saudi Arabia. Amber Dates are known as the largest dates of Medinah with numerous natural healing powers.


Barhi Dates

These Dates are known as the smallest and most fragile type of date. The name Barhi comes from an Arabic word, which means a hot wind.  It is the lovely date type that ripens late in the season. It is Yellowish and regarded as the daily food of Saudi Arabia (Middle East) and the Indus Valley.


Barkawi Dates

Barkawi dates are elongated shaped golden brown to reddish-brown dry fruit variety.


Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet Noor Dates are also known as the Royal dates. Deglet Nur is an Arabic term which means Heavenly light. This date has a sweet honey-like taste. these dates are one of the most widely distributed date types in the world.


 Dayri Dates

These dates are available in different sizes and shapes from medium to large. This dry fruit has soft flesh and red skin. When this date ripens, its color changes from red to amber and then to golden brown when these dates fully grow up. Like Barhi dates, the Dayri dates are also the late-ripening dry fruit.


Halawi Dates

The word Halawi means ‘Sweet’. These are the soft amber-colored dates that are abundantly found on the trees of the deserts and farms of Iraq. It has a chewy texture and it resembles Caramel a lot.


Hayani Dates

These dates are not as sweet as the other date varieties. But these are luscious and aromatic.  This dry fruit has a smooth texture with the shiny black skin. These dates are grown mostly in Egypt.


Mubroom Dates

These days are mainly grown in Saudi Arabia and cultivated in Pakistan on a smaller scale. This is the dry date variety and dark brown. It is not very sweet but has a chewy texture.


Maktoum Dates

These dates are really large and reddish-brown. This date variety, when exposed to excessive light, loses some of its sweetness and juice. But these dates are very tasty and fleshy.


Migraaf Dates

These dates are very popular in the South Yemen region. These Golden Amber-colored dates are very tasty.


Khadrawy Dates

These are super succulent and easy to melt in mouth dates. These dates are loved by many sweet teeth for their sweetness and soft texture.


Khola Dates

These dates are happily consumed with the Arabian Coffee. These have a sweet and toffee flavor. These are dates that are enjoyed in all stages of their maturity whether ripe, semi-ripe or fully-ripe. These dates have a smooth and golden brown color.

Safawi Dates

These dates are really sweet and soft in texture. These are grown-up mainly in Saudi Arabia and are found in Madinah. These are medium to large-sized delectable semi-dried dates.


Sukkari Dates

These dates are also called as Royal dates. These are yellowish-brown in color. These dates are luscious for the sweet tooth and easily melt into the mouth. These are very succulent dates which are enough for your sweet cravings.


How to Choose the Best Date Variety?

These date varieties are dotted around the world and extremely delicious. You can purchase whatever variety you want according to their taste and preference.