If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done

-Thomas Jefferson

Since 2012, Tinder has given a new way to look for a relationship, friendship and ignite that flair inside every single men and woman. But, many of you will agree that Tinder is not working for them or, they are not getting a good match by just swiping potential results. So, we have shortlisted some of the best alternatives to Tinder for you. Yeah!! We want you to be excited and read this article till the end and choose the one which suits you best.

Caution: Before we reveal those apps for you, we would like to draw your attention towards some old saying: “A marriage is always made in heaven” and “A relationship works best when God is the heart of it”. Are you getting nervous? Don’t be!! We were just joking. Besides, we can’t guarantee that any of the apps will 100% work for you or not. But you should try your luck and try as many of them possible(with sheer dedication).

Here are some of the best alternatives to Tinder, you can use right now:


Let’s start with the Homegrown online dating platform. No No, we are not inspired by Make In India initiative. Actually, this app deserves the 1st spot in the list.

It was founded by two e-commerce companies, Make-My-Trip and LetsBuy. Truly Madly is developed to target the smartphone generation. Yes, it is a mobile application not for desktop users.

Only app in the list which provides your information security and ensures complete privacy as well. You all will agree that Tinder is filled with more fake profiles than original ones.


  • Truly Madly ensures privacy and information safety at its best.

  • TrustScore – Prime feature of this app. You have to build yours by providing information.

  • Facebook, Linkedin and Photo ID are required to verify your identity (robust method, Right??).

  • You need a minimum TrustScore to interact with people (Although 30% Minimum score is required).

  • “Hide”- If you don’t like someone. “Like”-If you like someone and want to connect with them.

Remember, you can use these features only when you are a verified user for which you need a minimum TrustScore of 30%. (Let me tell you a secret, Facebook and Linkedin profile makes your 60% of the score).


  • Don’t forget your Password. As there is no way for forgotten Passwords.

  • Your personal information is wide open to all the verified users(Fair enough if you can get a verified result as well).

INSTALL:  Android (FREE)

RATING:  9/10

  1. HINGE

Since its inaugural in 2013, Hinge has redefined the online dating ideology.  It is not an open book like Tinder, where you go and try your luck wherever you want. A hinge is more reserved and quite different from all its competitors. It allows you to connect with your friends and mutual friends or friends of friends. The main goal of this app is by using your Facebook account and to give you a connection mainly to mutual friends of common interest. You like coffee, me too. Let’s meet at a coffee shop?


  • It encourages face to face meetup over lingering upon messaging.

  • Helps to have a more personal introduction, using a mutual connection.

  • Your Ex or parent’s connection is always restricted(fewwww!! You’re safe).

  • Only uses your Facebook account to get started.

  • Easy to use Interface 

Remember, Hinge is not an app where you send some text to random people and boom, you hook up. No, It's more serious than other dating platforms which ensure more deeper value associated when you’re looking for a partner who shares a common interest with you.


  • Age Restriction – Only 13+ are allowed.

  • It shares all your Facebook Information (even those which are in privacy mode).

INSTALL:  Android and IOS (FREE)

RATING:   7/10


Next is Bristlr. One of the most unique dating platform we have ever witnessed, primarily targeted for bearded men (The Beard dating platform, to be more precise). Yes, you read it right for MEN with BEARD and their admirers. John Kershaw is the man behind this beard lovers prodigy. It all started as a joke, but it gains momentum when it gets a good response since releasing in 2014.  We all have heard that some women like men with beard and some of them didn’t like bearded men at all. So, for those men and women who are obsessed with facial hair. Bristlr is a one-stop destination for them.

Bristlr users seem to be following this: “True love is like a beard. It never ends, it only grows ”.


  • Messaging is possible only when both parties mutually like each other.

  • Bristlr let you know whether the person has sent the same message to other users or not. 

  • You can like or dislike someone with a beard and can also give a rating to their beard as well.


  • Non-Bearded men are strictly out of Bristlr’s horizon.

  • You can’t choose the sexual or age preference (might be unusual for some users).

INSTALL: Android and IOS (FREE)

RATING:  7.5/10


Now, Let us look at the most popular app of this dating segment. Yes Yes, my friend Plenty Of Fish a.k.a POF is the most famous and renowned online dating platform besides Tinder. It is one of the easiest to use a dating app. Customer satisfaction is very high in POF hence resulting in 65,000 new users daily and over 100 Million worldwide users.

Sign Up process is the best in this segment. Enter your Email-ID, Username and Password, that’s it. You’re now a registered user of Plenty of Fish. But, this also led to thousands of fake profiles due to no ID confirmation.


  • Meet Me -  It allows you to browse the member pool by showing one pic at a time (quite similar to Tinder).

  • Chemistry Test – A compatibility test for filtering your search results.

  • Relationship Needs Assessment -  A test which consists of 50 Multiple choice questions based on your interest, likeliness etc (very accurate way).

  • Only women are allowed to send pictures.

  • Voice Calling.

  • Inappropriate content will lead to account deletion.


  • No Video Chat facility.

  • Pay for Premium features.

INSTALL : Android and IOS (FREE) {Paid for premium features}

RATING:  8/10


It is also known as by the strange version of Tinder. Loveflutter is a bit like an unusual combination of Tinder and Twitter. This online dating platform was started for only IOS users since it got a tremendous response and looking towards its popularity. The developers then decide to launch it in the Android platform as well. Since it is a new player in the dating community, you will get less number of active users compared to Plenty of Fish, Tinder etc.  You will also have a better chance to hook up in cities of Great Britain.

Why we called it like Twitter, due to its 140-character introduction, which certainly works as your Bio. Firstly Loveflutter blurs the profile picture or the image of the person, and you have to read the introduction, which is a very good idea. In this Modern era, we often judge someone by their looks and complexion. But, Loveflutter is trying something different, which ensures that you don’t come to a conclusion by looking straight to someone’s picture.


  • Buttons like dislike and favourite to help you keep track of your favourite profiles.

  • User-friendly interface (the best in our list).

  • After you made a connection, it helps you to schedule the first meet-up (venue).

  • Users of every age groups and backgrounds (pretty cute isn’t it??).


  • Less number of active users.

  • Not popular in Tier-2,3 cities.

INSTALL: Android and IOS (FREE)

RATING:  8.1/10


Labelsoft Inc is relatively new when compared to its rivals. It was launched in 2016, but it crossed 1 million downloads in this short span of time. You can search for results using some filters like area (upto 50kms) or using age preference. Simply send a like to a match and if they like you back, bang you’re going in the right direction. There is some initial question, which will help the person to know about you and your likings. But, we will suggest you do some chat and interact and then gradually reveal your all information (best advice you can get by any online platform…).


  • Sign up with facebook account. (Kudos, we found our saviour).

  • You can get back to unsend messages later.

  • Send a direct message to profiles, without waiting for a match. (Hmm, we know what you’re thinking).


  • Not popular because of its new in the market.

  • Names will be hidden unless you exchange likes.

INSTALL: Windows and IOS (Free)

RATING:  8/10

  1. HAPPN

We saved our personal favourite for the last (it doesn’t make it the clear winner).  Usability is the main reason behind Happn’s success. It is a major rival of Tinder. Happn searches locally to give you a match very close to your location. It certainly increases your chances of getting a match. 


  • You can upload a maximum of 9 photos (Most than any other dating platform).

  • If your age is between 21 to 35, then you can get attractive users.

  • Safety is also a major feature of this app. We personally felt that this app is very secure irrespective of same authorization procedures like Tinder and Co.

  • Age and Gender preference besides photos are enough to give you a head start.


  • A lot of matches, no dates is a serious game killer.

  • Happn’s concept of generating matches with whom you’ve passed on the street can lead to some awkward unpleasant situations.

INSTALL: Windows and IOS (Free)

RATING:  8.5/10

Final Verdict:

All of them are a very suitable and appropriate application to find your first date. Try them as soon as possible and do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.