--The Sufi capital

" Moko Kahan dhunde Re Bande?
Main Toh Tere Paas Re"
Sun Badndeya...Sun badndeya.!

( where do you roam in search for me?
I am there right by your side)

This Sufi saying is enough to bring an emotion of solace and relief, for those who really trust in God are never disappointed!

The fascinating history of this place deserves a special mention.The Chauhan Rajput ruled this region during the 12th century. Chauhan lost Ajmer to Mohammed Ghori in 1193 AD.

For many years this town remained in the mysterious unknown but it was later annexed by Akbar to the Mughal empire in the 16 century which served as a military base later as a place of pilgrimage.

The Mughals are believed to be investing lot of resources for the development of this city for Noor Jahan had red Roses cultivated for preparing for beloved ittar( a special perfume).

And the distinct varieties of Paan which is so widely accepted has deep roots of its humble beginnings associated with Ajmer!

Reaching Ajmer

Distance: 389 km south west of Delhi

Journey time:
By road 7 hours
By train 8.5 hours

Location in The Shadow of the Aravali Hills in Central Rajasthan, 140 km from Jaipur.

Dargah Sharif

The final destination of the great soul of Sufi-saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is established here whose disciples includedMughal emperors.

Dating back to the 13th century, crime has been decorated with golden and silver ornamentation and every year the death anniversary is observed with a lot of Faith from all people.

On the Commandment of Mohammad Ghori, theDhai Din Ka jhonpra( two and a half day shed) was built which was once the largest mosque in the country.

All religions have a common goal. Show the Hindu temple ofAnted-ki-Matais dedicated to the Digambar Jain sect and the inscriptions on memorials reflect a profound value.

Museum of Mayo college can be visited with prior request and the number of picnic spots is also visited which includes the artificial lakes of annasagar and Foy sagar.



Pushkar is at a distance of 12 km from Ajmer.
The annual festival of camel fair is organised and it is a grand celebration to behold. Celebrated during the Kartik Purnima- the full moon in November, the spirits go high and a charming atmosphere envelops the city.

Many thousands of traders flock to this place to trade in Camels and consider marital ties. Visiting the holy temples is on the to-do list where is taking the holy dip in the Pushkar lake is like a bare necessity.