Bridging The Emerging Generation Gap

Ridhima Aggarwal
Jul 10, 2019   •  16 views

What we call a generation gap is usually the result of a communication gap.

Let us see what exactly is generation gap

The generation gap is, basically, the difference in opinions, hardships, perspectives, and ideology of the people born during different periods. It’s an emerging issue in the society which is ruining the familial relationships. It existed for a long time in our society but it became a prominent issue in recent years.

Root causes of generation gap

The generation gap prevails due to the communication gap and misunderstanding. No mutual understanding can be witnessed between the two generations. The elder people are fussy with the younger generation and have a pile of complaints stocked which bothers the youth. The young generation tends to ignore the grumbling, mumbling and absurd protest of the elderly. Youth don’t take criticism of their actions well. Both the generations don’t accept the fact that they have different opinions and the interference of both generations is rational. Parents try to prevent their children to act as per their aspirations as they believe that the children might get wounded up and their wisdom will harm them. On the other hand, children try to make them independent by proving that their parents are overshadowing the great opportunities in their lives. They want to aspire high and live according to their desires. But parents are after all parents. They want to see their children live a simple and comfortable life without any risk. But overcoming the risks on your own is what makes you a better person. Who should explain both the generations that each of them is right? It is the difference in perspectives that raises the gap.

Parents, Teens and Technology

How can we forget the role of technology as a helping hand in increasing the generation gap? Our generation finds bliss in sitting in front of the television and Netflix without any human connection and spends their whole day like that. It seems liberating to us but it holds the elder people back. They aren’t firm in using technology. This brings the issue of different interests and hobbies. Elder people believe in exploring the outside world. They indulged themselves in outdoor activities when they were young. So they advise the same to their children but they get snapped back as young people want to spend more time indoor watching shows, chatting and talking over calls. Seldom, younger people seem to understand the efforts of their parents and their perspectives.

An approach to bridge the generation gap

The only way to bridge this emerging gap is to infuse mutual understanding. Both the generation must understand that they belong to different generations and they have different mindset. The older generation needs to liberate the young generation rather than imposing ground rules on them. They need to understand that their children are mature enough to face the hardships and that they can’t protect their children their whole lives. Children should listen to the worries of their parents and consider their views rather than snapping them instantly. Youth should stop considering their parents to be stupid. Communication and commitment can bridge this gap as it will help in resolving issues, understanding one’s views and feelings. This will restore the faith of both the generation in each other. They should know that it’s a two-way process. If they want love and respect, they need to give the same to each other.

A generation gap is nothing but a difference in the way of thinking. If people start to believe in their family, this gap will itself diminish. So take a step forward and try to bridge this widening gap.