Societal pressure is a huge deal in today’s time. With a lot of changing times, mindsets, traditions, people are confused in what they believe to be right or wrong. People are confused if they should worry about anything being right or wrong for others, because it’s not their life to judge. As the saying goes, ‘My life, my choice.’ So, it isn’t up to anybody to decide what anyone does. It is societal pressure when a person tells another to do things they want to do, when a parent forces their child to do things a certain way in their career, it is pressure when people around you have an opinion about the way you dress, it is pressure when your relatives bother and poke you about getting married.

Societal pressure is not about who pressures us about what and why. It’s about how we let the pressure affect us and win. Societal pressure begins with the idea of having an opinion about others’ business and letting them know it, but it ends when the victimized person lets the opinion affect his decision making and evaluating. It’s about how we let it get to our head, and whether those pressures and judgements affect our life.

If a woman was to shame another woman about being ‘fat and thick’, it is pressure from the society about body image. The victim is cursed on because of the shape of her body. But, if the victim lets not normal, then the pressure takes effect. Before that, it was a comment made by a woman who had nothing better to do than shame others.

Human beings are social animals and live in a society where it is necessary to conform to the rules and regulations made centuries ago. Parents and children both face equal pressure from the people around them at large. As an example, parents and children both face pressure about marks and performances of the students. Parents are given a tough time about the way they raise their children, and are judged because of the low performance standards of their child, thinking they must have compromised in the tutoring. This kind of pressure makes them feel insecure and leads to tension at home. What the parents need to understand is that their child should be their priority, and focus their attention on them and make sure they get the attention and gets the merit they deserve.

When it comes to pressure on the children as student, the parents want their child to be like the other children or better. Comparison lead to the children feel unworthy and inefficient. Comparison isn’t healthy for the children and is a hindrance in their growth and development. These demands and comparisons lead to disastrous consequences. Parents need to remember that each child is different from the other and unique in their own way. Each child has their own talents and capacities, which vary from the others.

People have to come to terms with the fact that society will always demand, but it is their choice if they want to oblige or not.