The long bridge of life, Somewhere broken, somewhere shattered.

Looking from one end to another , What does the life describing about.

The wooden bridge is broken each and every step is countable.

Smaller is the step the bigger is the fall.

Life can be beautiful like the bridge between the long two mountains beneath the open beautiful blue rain sky and above the beautiful river filled up with the creation of the God. The happiness of the creature seemed perfect everywhere.

Life is like a wooden bridge and decision like a slap of wood. Each wood has it’s own meaning to make us reach at the other end of the bridge. Many a times you’ll get shattered , many a times you will receive a fall , many a times you’ll get shivered with the step. It’s you and only you who will keep going along with that bridge . No matter how is it broken, how old is it. Many times you’ll face the rain and many a times storm coming all the way long to you. Grip on the side rope and the grip of the trust on that broken wooden block will make you stand against all the odd’s of the life. Every fall on the bridge of life is to make you bounce back high in the life.

Stop looking out for someone to hold our hand and make it possible to come and cross the bridge and reach the other end of the bridge. But the bridge asks only you to be alone their and cross it. The fall of one might make the fall other. The bridge of the life is set to be individual and cross it all the way.  Stop letting people who do so little for you to control so much of your mind , feelings, and emotions, And became the hurdle of the life . Rise up, start fresh with a new sunshine to see the bright opportunity in each new day. One day we will be looking back on the days like this and will realize that the little things mattered a lot more than we ever thought they might to cross the bridge.

In the storm of life and when everything comes on the way to blow you up. Adjust your steps on that bridge and grow…….