Be a man.

This is something that i have heard and even said, comically, a million times, over my guy friend's pimple problems, or his being too obsessed with his complexion or when he cried going through a break up.

Only yesterday, he countered me and said, Well! you do post a lot of things about the unnatural bars that women have to live up to, and i agree, but what about the ropes you've been caging me with.

And i went blank!

Man up!

Stop whining!

As if the only solution to a guy's problem is to remind him of his sexuality.

A guy said he is going through depression, our reply, Don't you have the balls to face it.

Another cried watching Titanic, friends said, Dude! You are just a little girl.


We did it.

We, the generation, fighting for women's opinion and equality, inconsiderately pushed men to suppress their emotions and to stop being like a girl.


I don't hold the copyright to this image.

I am sorry.

For whenever you tried to express your emotions and were forbidden, for the time you just wanted a hug and a little affection and were denied as it is.

I am sorry, that trying to un gap this gender gap, we mercilessly worked to enhance the same.

We are sorry!

So, the next time i ask you to be a man, stop me then and there, and remind me that it works both ways.

For it's time to finally stop being a man or a woman,

And be a HUMAN instead!