Every end brings out a new beginning in making.

The year 2019 is about to end with just a couple of days left and a new year 2020 is about to begin.

This year indeed has been special to us, this year had been something different, this is the year that the world, the governments, and the society saw a massive uprising among the ones who are called the future of the country


India – a secular nation, the biggest democratic nation in the world, saw a spark of the revolution that happened when the students united.

There was worldwide chaos due to the recent acts passed by the government in their so-called plan of action for shaping a better India.

But honestly, the truth is out there and that is the reason despite the repressions and suppressions from the government, from that who is in power the revolution did not die, but it rose from the ashes.

Freedom of speech and expression is the biggest weapon for change and when the rulers try to take away this freedom it is then when the throne of the ruler trembles.

The world saw the unity of the younger generation, the people overcoming their differences and hurdles that were created by the government in the name of religion.

 To face something big, to change the world, to stop evil it is our moral obligation that we acknowledge and be a part of the revolution rather than just saying that “ nothing won't change”.

Each and every individual need to do his or her part in this revolution and only then can the truth prevail, only then can true justice be attained, only then can India be secular again.

Any law that is based on the line of religion is utter injustice to our constitution and when injustice becomes law it is our duty to rebel.

Lastly to sum up this rebellion should not be violent, it should be truthful, it should be able to bring the change from within.

 When we tend to walk on a new path, new obstacles are faced and yet there is nothing wrong with falling but it is the act of getting up again and continuing the walk that matters the most.

Once something is started with utter dedication and a cause for the greater good, nothing in this world, no guns no power is able to break it. Do what you have to do, be a part of it but just don’t sit ideal doing nothing in these times of chaos is equal to the ones creating the chaos.