How 25th Jan. Revolution Has The Greatest Impact On Me.

Tarnima Adham
Jan 25, 2021   •  27 views

10 years ago, I was just 11 years when experiencing the best thing in my life, struggling to understand what is going on. I did learn how it feels to be ready to sacrifice your life for the sake of your country and your people's rights. How could someone believe in sth to this limit, it was hard for a child to understand this whole thing. But, it wasn't hard for me to understand after seeing my dad doing so. Okay so let us all be there or you should stay with us! I kept on saying this cuz I don't want to be away from my father not knowing whether he Is dead or alive I believed that I can defend him if sth could happen!

Away from all of this, I'd like to talk about how this revolution has affected me the most, I was a kind of a person who does fear of expressing his opinions for sure I was just 11 years but I knew how I've changed. I wasn't expressing my opinions cuz I was afraid of being rejected! Now, I am on the other side I am saying what I do believe in and I don't care about your rejection cuz I do believe that it is my right to do so and for sure it is your right too. As a kid, I was also taught by one teacher that we can't oppose the authority or the president specifically cuz they do know what they doing and our religion forces us to obey them - which is completely wrong-. What if the president is a fucking oppressor, what about corruption, torturing and killing the innocent just for expressing their opinions? How can a Muslim or just a human support these actions?? I've learned that if I do have the ability to just talk about the injustice and exposing it then I should do if I could help in making my country free then I surely should do! My math teacher taught me once that if I really love my country I should support Hosny Mubarak cuz the protestors are the reason behind the destruction of the country * fun fact: he told me that while my father was protesting and he knew that *. How could the destruction be because of defending the human rights or just revolting against corruption and injustice? Are the protestor the assassins or they are just peaceful while being killed! I do love my country and I do want to make it better so I do support the peaceful protestors with their peaceful rights!

I did also realize this at a young age fortunately because of being involved unintentionally in these circumstances. Which then pushed me towards realizing that the age is just a number, it doesn't define whether you're mature or not! I've seen people in their 40s and 50s supporting the injustice and corruption, they did support killing some people just cuz they are calling for their rights peacefully and they have different opinions! I also have seen teenagers who are dead for the sake of their country and what do they believe in!

I was also a kind of judgemental person, I was just a kid but to be honest i was strongly affected by people's appearances and social levels! The revolution really made me believe that we are all human being, we all do deserve to get our rights equally and we deserve to express our opinions regardless of these differences. It was the best change for me i really accept your differences whatever they are, I only see you as a mind, this is just the thing I see in people RN. Whatever your position, your job, your race, you are a human which I do evaluate based on only the way you think! I really learned to love myself, loving all the people around.

I've also learned some kind of independence cuz at young age I was seeing a lot of opinions and I did need to get my own version. So I started to watch, read and think, creating my own opinion without being affected by the others' opinions.

I've learned that we all do deserve to live properly, we do deserve to have home and get some sort of food and a job for sure and this is our minimum rights, if you did get yours cuz you are kinda lucky then you should not forget about the people who didn't! And you should support them and call for their rights.

The last important thing is the freedom, God does create us "Free". We do have a brain to think with, we do have a mouth to talk with! We have the right to say what we want to say! We are all created free human being and we all do have the right to be that "free".

I'm so thankful for this to happen in my life and I really wish we could achieve just the main demands of the revolution in the future. Honestly, I am waiting and i’ll be - forever- waiting for this day to come.